The best self-portrait guide!

Table of Contents How to do the best self-portraits Do the words “self-portrait ” and “selfie” make you cringe?  I have some self-portrait ideas for you that will change your thoughts about selfies, self-portraits, and portraits –especially for those over 50 and if you don’t like to be photographed. These portrait ideas will also help […]

Tips for a fun creative business challenge

Table of Contents Are you a creative person? Do you own a business? March Meet the Maker is here, and you will enjoy this spring challenge. March Meet the Maker is a fun Instagram challenge that will allow you to meet fellow creatives running a business or starting one. This is a space to share […]

Love black and white photos?

Table of Contents Lets do noir photography! What is noir photography? Do you remember those fabulous films made in the 1940’s? They used dramatic lighting with huge shadows and everything looked mysterious. Get inspired with Noir; a genre known for swirling cigarette smoke, blazing guns, a seductive femme fatale, and the dark streets… If you […]

The Best Floral Design is the One that You Create

Table of Contents There are several ways to create floral designs. One way is to buy a bunch of flowers and treat them like a bunch of flowers: fill a vase with water and put them in the vase mindlessly. Flowers will always cheer up any corner of your house they’re always beautiful, no matter […]

Really? I should use a tripod? Why?

Table of Contents Photo tips for the over 50 photo enthusiasts Get a small tripod for your phone! It might not make sense to carry a tripod around with your phone camera when the whole purpose of a camera phone is to travel light, have your camera with you at all times, and keep things […]

Get out and photograph in the noir

Table of Contents Join me on my Black and White photography project: Noir Forever! Let’s make dramatic and moody photographs that tell a story and that show suspense and mystery in your photos. Share your Photos Post your best black and white photo on Instagram and Facebook on the last Friday of the month.  Every month- this gives you a […]

Simple Photo Tips for the 50 and Beyond

Table of Contents Leading lines Leading lines are lines that guide your eye to a spot on your photograph. Leading lines add depth to the two dimensional photograph and make the image look more dynamic. The fence and the shadow are the leading lines guiding the viewer to the monument in Cabo da Roca. Leading […]

Photo Hobby Adventures for the Over 50

Table of Contents How a Photo Hobby Adds Excitement to Your Day-to-Day Photography turned out to be one of my best hobbies because it has allowed me to meet so many interesting people, and it keeps me entertained at all times while I am busy looking for new places to photograph. I facilitated a night […]

Floral Design for Everyone

Floral Designs and Vases This week I created a fun challenge for myself: Create flower arrangements with unique clay vases. I met with my friend Ana Kesselring, a renowned artist, painter, and sculptor who currently lives in Lisbon. During this last year, Kesselring created unique vases and gorgeous plates inspired by organic shapes and colors. […]

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