Silhouette Photography

Add Awesome Skies and Drama

Silhouette photography is a beautiful way to photograph the sky and add an element of surprise to make the image more dramatic. Don’t you love photographs of sunrises and sunsets? Add a silhouette and it just makes it a little bit more remarkable.

The Silhouette, the Travel photo and the Statue

A few years ago I went to a city that had a statue in every corner. So it seemed to me. I was fascinated with the different subjects and photographed a statue every time I saw one. When I came home I was so bored with the statute photos. All I did was record them. I was not able to convey the emotion that I felt when I saw them.

I looked at them closely and thought that if I had photographed them during the sunset the statue would be set against a gorgeous sky.

I went to a garden that had many statues and practiced. I moved around to get different angles. I placed the statue in front of the sun and got incredible rays and colors. I placed the camera at the bottom of the statue, raised the camera and tilted it.

I looked at my images carefully to study my angles and kept on photographing. The sky and the sun rays made the statues look alive. There was a lot more emotion and I was creating a story about these statues.

Silhouette photography is a dynamic type of photography. It allows for a lot of playing with color, light and creativity.

Statues are great for practicing photography.

Architecture and Silhouette Photography

Buildings and street scenes look beautiful and mysterious with silhouette photography.

Silhouette photography, architecture

When I look at this photo I wish that I had place the sun behind the lamp. The sun rose fast and it never went near that lamp.

Make a mental note of what you want in your images so that when you will look for possibilities. Photography is not a static thing. You need to go after what you want. It’s what makes it fun.

Silhouette photo


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