silhouette portrait

Don’t let your friends runaway from the camera!

Photo Tips for the Camera-Shy

Silhouette portraits! It’s a beautiful way to take a photograph in a gorgeous setting and your camera-shy friends will never feel self conscious.

Silhouettes will allow you to photograph the beautiful landscape and not worry about everything being well exposed. The main person or object will always be a dark shape and it’s all about the location.

2 Simple Tips

Silhouette portrait.jpg

Make sure that there is enough space in between your main subject and everything else.

Silhouette photography is all about shapes.

Photograph during the sunrise or sunset.

When the sun is at an angle the main subject will be nice and dark. If you place the person exactly in front of the sun rays you will get beautiful rays on your image.

Silhouette Photography and Shapes

Silhouette photography will help you look at things in a different way. Study the shapes and not the person. Wait for a good pose.

Make your Silhouette Portraits Fun

Ask your friends to pose in a way so that they will become a creative shape. If they raise an arm they will create space in between their body and the arm and the shape will change. Exaggerated postures are the best. They become beautiful shapes and they will make for unique images.

One more thing!

A silhouette portrait doesn’t have to be a completely dark shape. You can adjust the brightness just a bit to show a few details of the person’s face or body parts.

Create more beautiful silhouettes with these tips


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