3 Great Flower Photo Tips

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1) Eye Level

Bring your camera as close as possible and photograph at eye level to the flower.

You will show more details and more depth.

Get close to your flowers

2) Light

Photograph flowers under a lower light. For example: Cloudy days will make the colors look more vibrant. Flowers will also look beautiful in the early hours or the morning or the late hours of the afternoon. Just avoid the noon time. If it’s too sunny and bright the flowers will look washed out or there will be bright spots that don’t show any detail.

flower and brick wall

The photo below is border-line ok. The flower is under partial shade.

Flowers will look beautiful under a shady light

Flowers will look beautiful under a shady light

3) Look for Pattern

Patterns will make your images much more interesting. Be attentive to the focus point and try to make the main subject nice and sharp or sharper.

patterns in flowers



It can be quite a challenge to photograph flowers with a mobile phone if it’s windy because it’s hard to focus. The best thing is to photograph when the weather is cloudy and when there is not wind. You can try it on windy days and let me know how it went.

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