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Have you been following March Meet the Maker?

March Meet the Maker is an online challenge designed to showcase makers from all over the world. As an observer, there’s plenty of new and talented artists and small businesses to discover and support, and as an artist there collaborations to be made while drawing inspiration from other creators.

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The Instagram hashtag, #MarchMeetTheMaker is combined with a creative daily challenge. Makers have the opportunity to show off their newest piece, work in progress, behind the scenes, and future plans. If you’ve been following along, who are you excited to learn more about?

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I’ve recently taken up watercolour painting, so in the spirit of the challenge, I’ll be sharing my art as well. You can take a look here (add the link). I’d love for you to join me in creating something, even if it’s outside your comfort zone. It can be a pencil sketch, painting, photography, floral arrangement or even a meal. When was the last time you made something with your own two hands? Happy creating! Marguerite My Watercolors: Watercolors and Pens

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March Meet the Maker

Joan Hawker is March Meet the Maker’s creator

#MarchMeetTheMaker artists I’m inspired by:

Ceramics Sara Gee Al_Potcino

Floral Artist




Some ideas to stimulate your creativity

Self Portraits

Flower Arrangements

Creative Walks

Marguerite Beaty, Blogger, Photographer & Artist

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