What is the first thing that you see when you put your camera to your eye?  


Everyone sees things differently. Some people will see shapes while others see textures and, others will see color. And many other things stand out to different people when they start to photograph.

However, many of us will bring out our cameras to photograph a scene. That is why this season’s first prompt is color.



Next time that you go out to photograph, look for color. You can pick a theme color for the day or look for color randomly. Either one will make you look at the world around differently, and you will see things that you never noticed before. Your photographs are going to change.l For the better!

Searching for color

Look for objects with unique, bright colors, and look for things with muted and calm colors. The exciting thing about this project is that you will change your perception of color.  

I spoke with Grace Hensley from Fashion Plants about her search for the color brown. Her images have so much life and texture, and I love seeing all those different brown hues. (Links are below) Grace is prompting us to photograph brown. It’s great timing too because we will see lots of browns during the fall and winter. Good-bye couch and video binging!

Read and watch the video about my chat with Grace on the links below.

Outdoor and Indoor Photography

When you go outdoors, take your time to look at how color enhances an object and how you can enhance it with your camera angle and height. Take several photos until you get your best one.  

Outdoor photography will require that you walk around attentively.  

You may be lucky and find many things that are right in front of you.  

That is great. Your best images will be the ones that you found when you slowed down your walking and looked carefully at your surroundings.  

Look at this simple image of the Coca-Cola tables and chairs. I knew something was interesting there, but it took me quite a few shots to find the right angle to make it about color and shapes

IMG_5190 copy.jpg

My favourite one is the first one. (Remember that we all have different tastes). It seems obvious now that it’s the most successful one because it’s de-cluttered. The shape is interesting and the angle of the chair makes the photo more dynamic. It was not obvious when I was photographing. So take your time choosing your favourite images.


Links for you

Read more about Grace: Meet Grace Hensley

My chat with Grace Hensley

Grace’s Instagram: Fashion Plants

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