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A Passion for Flowers

I grew up watching my mother create beautiful flower arrangements at home. Most of her flowers were from our garden, but she also bought special ones in the markets. The porcelain and silver vases were exquisite, and she had them in all shapes and sizes. She used flower frogs to keep her flowers in place.


My mother would place all the flowers on the dining room table. She had small scissors to cut leaves and a clipper to cut the stems. Flower frogs were next to their vases, and the whole table looked like an archeological dig display. I loved seeing the table before she started her arrangements.

flower tools

I became interested in flower arranging when I was fourteen, and I took a class. I learned about the importance of leaving space in between flowers, and that adding texture made it more unique. My teacher told me to think of the arrangement as a story. I joined a few Ikebana workshops, and I loved those even though my flower arrangements never looked quite as serene as my teachers.

I’m not an expert, nor do I want to be one, but I love creating colorful flower vases for my home. There are fresh arrangements every two weeks. When I go to the market, I look for different shapes and colors. Sometimes I follow a color theme as I did for my fall/winter vases, and other times they are all over the place. The more I do them, the more I love to do them.

December’s Flower Arrangements

Last week I found oak tree leaves, wheat stems, and some other reddish flowers. I looked for an accent color and decided to choose a bright green round flower. I bought too many things, as usual. I wanted my house to have a fall feeling for the holidays. The oak tree leaves gave me a Christmas look.

My Routine

I place all my flowers and tools on my dining table. I take a long look at all the colors, and I always think of the Chácara Ypê (a special childhood place). I separate the flowers and then I start to put them in the vase. One by one. Slowly. Thinking about my story.

I bought a lovely old olive oil can at the Estremoz street market, and that is the first vase I work on.

Flower vase

It’s bright blue and has someone’s initials painted on it. I use a sponge instead of a flower frog, and I use it with guilt. It’s probably terrible for the environment, and I promised myself that I will look for the metal flower frogs.

flowers and wheat

December’s arrangements look relatively similar in color, but the textures for each vase is unique.

I bought a colorful funky vase for my bedroom stand to replace a white vase.

bedroom flowers

This next vase is a little different. It has a gorgeous cabbage flower.

cabbage flower


Summer flower arrangement Inspired by Nature

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