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Do you look at your collections of photos at the end of the day and wonder how you are going to tell your story?

I will have all sorts of images at the end of a walk or a trip and then I wonder how can I express my experience… I started to use color to tell my story.

If you think about your photos you will see that it’s all about what you did and how you felt and not just the exact location that you visited.

When you are putting your album together use color to tell your story and that way you will be mixing all sorts of experiences in a different way.


Color is about a mood. Use mood and feelings to make your images flow from one to another smoothly.  Look at the images above.

There are three photos that were taken in Elvas, a Unesco heritage city in Portugal.

The photo on the top right was taken in Lisbon and has a completely different feel but the color yellow unites them all and I think that the visual story flows, what do you think?

More Color Photo Tips


The different hues of red unite these images.

Look how different the images below are from the ones above.  They all have a very different feel. The subjects contrast with each other and the quality of light are different too.  When you travel you cannot always take a photo at that perfect time but you can tweak it later on.  Be attentive to the colors around you. That will unite your images.

Another Thing about Color

Do you ever run out of ideas or things to photograph? Spend a day looking for one or two specific colors and your creativity will get activated again.

Another little big tip: The Best Time to Photograph

Contrary to what ALL the text books and instructions state here are my photo tips for the best time to photograph:Any time is the best time to photograph!

When you are traveling you can’t always choose the right time to photograph a place so do your best to work with what you have.

Early mornings and dusk: Great for landscapes, cityscapes, portraits and everything in generalMid day sun:

The worst and most harsh light but it can be interesting for architectural images if you work with the high contrast.

Photograph all the time and pay more attention to the subject and challenge yourselves to always have a fun photo!


National Geographic Travel Photography

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