Noir Forever Photo Challenge

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Get inspired with Noir; a genre known for swirling cigarette smoke, blazing guns, a seductive femme fatale, and the dark streets…

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Discover new ways to be inspired through black and white photography, and over the course of the challenge, curate a portfolio of unique images influenced by Noir books and films.


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Choose a new or old noir movie. It can be a black and white movie such as Double Indemnity or a contemporary mystery film.


Choose a book to inspire you.

Photograph at night.

Look for places that remind you of a movie or a book scene.

You can re-create a scene if you wish.

Safety First

Go to safe areas.

Take a friend.

You can photograph at home if you don’t feel safe going out alone.

Post your photograph on Instagram on the Last Friday of the Month.

Use the hashtag   #NoirForever

That’s it!

I look forward to seeing your photos on the last Friday of every month!


Marguerite Beaty, Blogger, Photographer & Artist

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  1. I have a black and white photo for #NoirForever
    but don’t know if 1) I should post it on my instagram
    SKWFoto and call it #NoirForever
    or 2) should I post it on 50andRising and call it #NoirForever
    obrigates Shauna

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