How to make your over 50’s more exciting with hobbies

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Why is a Hobby so Important?

Do you ever look around you and wonder how you can make your life just a tad bit more interesting?

Try out new hobbies! Be curious.

Hobbies are a great way to take you to help you exercise your minds, challenge you, and bring creativity into your day-to-day.

I have a few hobbies that I love, and when I see that they are becoming too easy or have become a new routine, I change things around and challenge myself. 

Dont’ let a hobby get old. Stay curious. Challenge yourself.

Painting and Sketching as a Way to Tell Your Story

Create your visual journal with watercolor pencils and pens! Get a mixed media notebook. Make sure that it can handle the watercolors.

sample of sketchbook with drawings of people and birds, color pencils at the top. Hobbies are a great way to stay curious
Carry a sketchbook all the time!

Photo by Marguerite Beaty

I like the spiral notebooks because I can allow one side to dry while working on the other. It lays flat. My notebook has a hardcover so that I can use it anywhere- no need for a table. Choose something that you like, and that will fit in an easy-to-carry bag.

When I started to use the notebook as a visual journal, I had such a hard time because I wanted all my drawings to look perfect. And- of course, they didn’t and don’t look perfect.

water color drawing of a dog pooping at the dog park. a couple looking.
Sunday at Principe Real Park in Lisbon

I had to find a way to make my notebook less precious, so I scribbled and doodled on it until I started treating it like a tool for self-expression.

It’s all about expressing yourself

A hobby is just a tool for self-expression, and that is why hobbies are so much fun. When you treat hobbies as an extension of yourself, you will relax and enjoy them much more.

Painting is a way to describe your feelings, your day, a dream, or your view.

Water color kit at the top and a water color drawing of a map of Ericeira
Map of Ericeira, Portugal

You will never feel lonely or bored if you take your hobby with you everywhere.

You will be surprised to find out how well you can draw on a moving bus, a plane, or while waiting around for anything.

Take your notebook with you and sketch.

water color sketch of people playing cards at the park
Card game in Principe Real

You will start to see things that you had not noticed or things that you never found important.

Shapes will take another meaning.

You can create a whole new world with your very own colors. Your mind will be busy, and time will go by so quickly.

Doodle to Quiet Your Mind by Marguerite

Watercolor by Marguerite

Watercolor and Pens by Marguerite

David Schofield (My teacher in Edinburgh)

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Updated July 2024

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