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Are your knees clicking and clanking when you lower your body to take a close-up of a photograph?

My knees hurt when I have to hold a bent-knee pose for photography. I began to lower the camera to my waist level, and that worked pretty well, but I like photographing from a much lower height.

The Magical Selfie Stick

I was de-cluttering the other day and found an over-packed dangerous-looking plastic container in the closet. I took it out and laid everything on the floor to study what I really needed and what to discard. I found an old selfie stick and placed it in the donation pile. When I took my second look at everything, I decided to keep the selfie stick, and I am so happy.

I use the selfie stick to photograph from ground level.

How to photograph with a selfie stick:

Use the timer

Lower the selfie stick and keep it as straight as possible.

You can tilt it forward or backward, but that image will look distorted if you tilt it sideways.

Bend over slightly to see what the camera is recording.

Practice a few times.


Short Arms

Use your selfie stick to photograph things that are too far away. Use your selfie stick as an arm extension. Do you want to photograph a bunch of flowers or a group of kids from above? The selfie stick will allow you to reach over and take that photo.

 Keep your selfie stick and take it with you whenever you go out to shoot.


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