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Photo Tips for the 50 and Beyond

Why should you use a tripod with your iPhone?

It might not make sense to carry a tripod around to use with your phone camera, when the whole purpose of a camera phone is to travel light, have your camera with you at all times, and keep things simple.

But a tripod can be your mentor and your teacher.

Many of us go around photographing as we walk, or from a car or train. The phone camera allows us to make quick images and to move on without time spent on set up or tear down.

A tripod will be your best friend when it comes to your photography – it will teach you about composition, because you have to slow down and set up your photo taking. A tripod forces you to look at what you are putting within the frame, and you’ll notice how your point of view will change drastically because of it.

 The next time that you go on a photo walk, take your tripod with you. When you see something that you want to shoot, set the tripod in the right direction and study your subject. Move the camera and tripod around, closer or farther, until you have a good composition.  Use the grid on the camera to help you understand the placement of things and help you keep your horizon lines and vertical lines straight.

Things to consider when setting up your photos

Do you have enough foreground? When we take quick shots, we end up not giving too much attention to the foreground. The foreground will guide the viewer to look at different parts of the image, and “grounds” the image. What’s in your foreground?

 What is the point of interest? Do you want to make the background the most important part of your image, or is your point of interest somewhere in the middle?  Make sure that you lead us to your point of interest.  The main point of interest does not have to be in the foreground or anywhere specific for that matter; it just needs to be enhanced!

 What is the best camera height for your photograph? Lower next to the ground?  Waist height? Above your head?  Do you need to shoot from above to get the desired angle?

When to use a tripod for best results

Late Afternoons and Night-Time

The tripod will make your low-light photos look clear and sharp.  I take many night images, and using a tripod improves the sharpness and overall image quality.

Photo by Marek Piwnicki on Unsplash

Photo by Marek Piwnicki on Unsplash

Arm or Hand Tremble

The tripod will allow you to take fabulous photographs without worrying if you have shakes or trembles that create image blurriness.

Make using a tripod convenient

 Small Tripod

A small tripod will fit into your bag or small backpack.  The only issue with this is that your photographs will be taken from lower angles, but you can change your camera height if you use a bench, table, or rock.  I love the ease of small tripods!

Mini travel tripod

Mini travel tripod

Travel Tripod

There are many different types of travel tripods.  I suggest that if you want to buy one of these, choose a quality product. They are not very expensive, but worth the investment. I used to buy the cheap ones and had to replace them quickly. Learn from my mistakes, and don’t just choose the least expensive tripod you can find.

Phone Holder

Get a phone holder that will allow changing your phone camera’s position from horizontal to vertical.

 Find a tripod that’s size and weight works best for the amount of travel and shooting you’re doing. It might feel more restricting at first, but you’ll notice the benefits in your photo quality.Happy Shooting!


PS: You can create a DIY tripod like this

DIY Tripod

DIY Tripod

DIY mini tripod

DIY mini tripod

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