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Join me on my Black and White photography project: Noir Forever!

Let’s make dramatic and moody photographs that tell a story and that show suspense and mystery in your photos.

Share your Photos

Post your best black and white photo on Instagram and Facebook on the last Friday of the month.  Every month- this gives you a whole month to practice and to get that fabulous noir photo. Use the hashtag #noirforever and tag me @50andrising

Noir photography

Noir photography is about the mood- the atmosphere created by harsh light and deep shadows that show mystery, fear, and suspense. Filmmakers forwarned us of danger by creating huge shadows followed by spooky music- the greater the suspense, the larger the shadow.

I love noir photography because of the potential to tell a story with one scene and because I can do this anywhere.

Noir Photography inspired by Murder Mystery series.

Noir Photography inspired by Murder Mystery series.

Where and What to Photograph

Photograph in places that already have a lot of shadows. A street may have interesting shadows made by a wall, a car, or a street lamp. If you need a person and no one is around, put your timer on and be your own model and make sure to create a shadow.


Noir photography makes for fantastic portraits. Use the street lights or lights coming from a store and place your subject to have lots of shadows on the figure. Noir photography is all about what you don’t show in a photograph.

Get Inspired by the oldies

Excellent Movies that will inspire you:

-All of Hitchcock’s movies, including Vertigo, The Birds and, Charade.

-Whatever Happened to Baby Jane? (1962 version)

-The Maltese Falcon

-The Third Man


You may think that the older movies are slow- and they are when we compare them to the quick pace films of today. If you don’t have the patience to watch it all, I suggest a little cheating! Fast forward every once in a while.

But: Do study how filmmakers used lighting to show emotions like fear, lust, personal drama, suspense, and action. After looking at a few of these black and white films, look at the modern-day mystery murders made in Sweden and Great Britain.

Noir Photography

Noir Photography

Your Turn to Create Noir Photography

You will most probably be photographing in color and then converting your photos into black and white. So, I suggest that you look for scenes that remind you of those movies or scenes from a mystery murder that you are reading.

Photo Tips

1. Most important: Go to a safe area (invite someone to come along if that makes you feel better).

2. Use a tripod so that you will get sharp images.

3. Look for quiet streets. Street lamp posts add mystery, unique architecture, and little car and people traffic will make your images interesting.

4. Lower the camera to create exaggerated angles and to add a touch of fear.

5. You can create scenes in your home if you don’t want to be outside.

6. Edit your photos. I like to use Snapseed, and it allows me to enhance the shadows and to do many more things that will help turn my photo into a great Noir.

Noir Photography

Noir Photography

 Night Photography

Night photography is about letting things happen in front of you. You will need to be patient. If you chose a spot that is not exciting- move.

Sometimes, I only get one excellent photograph when I go out at night, and the reason is that I am not creating the scene with special lights like they do in the movies. I am letting the world happen in front of me and documenting in a specific manner. It’s a different way of doing things, and I think that you will enjoy the challenge!

My fellow over 50’s and beyond, join me! This is a great excuse to get out of the house and to be creative.

Remember that noir photography is not about perfect photos, it’s all about the drama!

The Last Friday of the month.




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