The Best Floral Design is the One that You Create

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There are several ways to create floral designs. One way is to buy a bunch of flowers and treat them like a bunch of flowers: fill a vase with water and put them in the vase. Flowers will always cheer up any corner of your house they’re always beautiful, no matter how you place them.

The other way requires a little more effort: go to the market and look at the possibilities. Choose a color theme and select your flowers.


Add seasonal colors to your floral design

Add seasonal colors to your floral design

Don’t forget to buy some foliages to add texture to your vase. Look for branches with personality; small leaves, larger leaves, different shapes. Branches and greenery add character, especially when they have unique shapes and fork in different directions – not just up and down. They will help you open up your floral design.

 Greenery will allow you to enhance your designs; consider them as your supporting actors. If you pick natural and funky branches, your vase will look artisanal, like you picked flowers from the hills. If you want a formal design, choose branches that don’t distract from the arrangement.

 You may not want to use any branches at all and, if that’s the case, you can use a different flower to create a pattern and compliment your design.

 Go with the flow

Floral design cheer up your home

Floral design cheer up your home

Your design may not work out the way that you envisioned it. Don’t throw it out, and don’t feel discouraged. The more you practice, the better your designs will be. I’m a beginner, and I’m enjoying all my mistakes, because I’m learning from them. Practice and progress, not perfection!

Shape your arrangement

Challenge yourself and create shapes

Challenge yourself and create shapes

My biggest challenge is to create unique shapes with my flower arrangements. I start with something in mind and end with a very different design. I also aim to make light and simple arrangements and end up with top-heavy ones. Lately, I spend more time removing flowers and branches in order to reshape the final product.

 Having shared that little tidbit, think of a shape for your floral design. Do you want to create a round shape, no specific form so that the arrangement looks wild grown, or do you want your arrangement to be tall and have a vertical shape? The tall flower arrangements look lovely with cherry blossoms because they don’t take up too much horizontal space and help create an airy design.

 I love the tall and vertical arrangements. When I moved to my apartment, it was empty, so I filled it with tall flower arrangements, and I also made roundish shapes with some vases. They filled up my rooms and helped me realise that I prefer to keep this apartment looking minimal but colorful. At some point, I’ll maybe add more furniture.

A simple floral design is beautiful too

A simple floral design is beautiful too

When you finish your floral design, place it in front of a solid color wall so that you can study it and determine if it needs any changes. You may need to add fillers to areas that look empty or that need more symmetry. The last look is the essential part of your design! Remove things that look awkward and add items to enhance the vase.

 When you’ve finished your floral design, add water and admire your work.

Have fun!


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