I am thinking more and more about color. We are in mid-October, and this is the month of beautiful browns, oranges, and yellows. I love this time of the year.

When I go to the market, I notice fewer flowers and more leafy branches for sale. I see bright, dried flowers, but I am more interested in fresh seasonal plants.

Looking for Color

Lately, I have been looking more for color when I photograph during my walks. It’s an unconscious thing. I find myself getting closer to the objects and studying their color. It’s a welcome change, and it’s made me more interested in photography again.  

Last year my painting teacher, David Schofield (links below) suggested that I record color for my watercolor painting and, he told me to look at nature’s colors. Flowers have the most unique combinations, and I learned so much.  

I started to photograph bits and pieces of color, and this exercise changed how I photograph now.

Your Photo Tips

Next time that you go out to photograph, look for color.  

Leave out all the excess information and focus on how the lines and shapes connect with color.  

Bring your camera close to the subject, and your image will look more abstract, about color and shapes.

Photograph up close until you start seeing color differently.  

When your eye is feeling trained to see color, step back to photograph. Add more things in your image and step back more to photograph cityscapes and landscapes.  

color photo.jpg

Compare your pictures to your older ones, and you will notice quite a difference! This exercise will help you with your compositions and how to see things differently.

Fall Photography Project

Join me on my Search for Color during this fall.   I am posting my images on Instagram and using the hashtag #coloraroundme.


Links for you

More about color and photography

Photographer William Eggleston changed how we photograph in color.

My art teacher:

Instagram David Schofield

Site David Schofield Art

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