What to Do with Your Old Selfie-Stick

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Do not throw it out. I am going to show you how to use as a great tripod for architectural photos.

Architectural Photographs

Buildings will look impressive when you include details in the foreground. If the building has a beautiful garden in front of it, you may want to add as much as possible. If you want a good photo of the structure, add a tiny bit of the garden.

Get your selfie-stick out!

Place your mobile on the selfie-stick and lower it as close as you can to the ground. Tilt the phone up and find the right angle.


Selfie-stick, little foreground, emphasis on the building and the trees.

Photograph the building showing very little ground and tilting the camera up. In this case, I wanted to show the lovely trees on the left side and so I didn’t show much foreground.

Take another photo of the building with as much foreground as you can. In this case, I included the plants in the image because they elongate the foreground.

Selfie-stick, more foreground, geometrical shapes, less trees

Selfie-stick, more foreground, geometrical shapes, less trees

I lost the beautiful trees on the second photo but I gained geometrical shapes in the foreground.

Take another photo and come closer to the building.

architect photo

The lower part of the trees on the left are distracting. Photograph a few more images so that you have more choices later on.

Which is the Best Image?

Choose your favorite image and edit it. I use the Snapseed app.

Two final images

Two final images

In this case I am keeping two final images and discarding the other photographs. But, I already know which is THE favorite one for me!

Which is yours?

The selfie-stick allows you to play around with low angles, and you don’t have to get on your knees or lie down on the floor. I also use the selfie-stick for flower photos and many of my videos.

There is another great option to get everything in your image: Foreground, trees and sky but that will be in another post. 🙂


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