Best Breakfast Spots in Lisbon

Magnolia waffle has raspberries, mascarpone cheese, caramel and blue berries

Table of Contents Breakfast in Lisbon isn’t just a meal—it’s a luxurious indulgence, especially before sightseeing or after a morning brisk walk at the Parque Eduardo VII. Dive into the heart of Lisbon by starting your day with breakfast at a charming local spot like Bom Dia Café, where the vibe is as delightful as […]

Ericeira, Surf, Good Food and Lots of Charm

Table of Contents Ericeira is a picturesque former fishing village, a haven for surfers, a delight for food enthusiasts, and a fabulous place to chill for a few days. The village is located just forty kilometers north of Lisbon and perched on a hill. The small fishing village offers breathtaking coastal views from every vantage […]

Eating Well After 50; The Quirky Gourmet Years

Table of Contents Why should women over 50 tweak their nutrition? Let’s talk about why treating our bodies like queens post-50 is an absolute must! Our metabolism decides to take a leisurely stroll instead of the usual sprint as we age. There is no need to panic, though—just an excuse to embrace the wonder of […]

Join the Culinary Adventure for women over 50

Table of Contents Travel through foods Delving into the culinary offerings of a region is like embarking on a flavorful journey through tradition, heritage, and culture. Food serves as a gateway to understanding the heart and soul of a place. Before I set foot in a new destination, I make it a point to immerse […]

How to eat healthy for women over 50 and 60

Table of Contents Having fun and eating healthy after 60 There are many things to consider to stay healthy when you get older, especially when you are over 60. You must be active, exercise, and walk a lot. Stay curious, learn new things, read, and participate in activities. Connect with people.AND: One of the most […]

Discover the pleasures of healthy eating

Table of Contents Embracing the Joys of Healthy Eating While Exploring Forget about strict diets; let’s dive into the world of healthy eating and foodie adventures! We won’t dwell too heavily on strict diets, but we’ll discuss diets and nutrition lightly because we still want to eat fewer calories and eat a tasty meal. Eating […]

The best summer dishes to stay cool

Table of Contents I love a good potato salad in the summer, but I’m cutting carbs. So I’ll add half the potatoes and substitute them for something else. How to make a faux potato salad To some of us, over 50 means eating a lot more carefully and in smaller quantities. I constantly look for […]

Healthy Tips for the 50 and Beyond Crowd

Table of Contents Go Green – for your health! By Rachel Henry If you’re really keen on your steak and potatoes, you might be rolling your eyes at this post, but hear me out. While eliminating animal protein might be reasonable for some, for others it doesn’t quite fit their lifestyle. Whether you choose to […]

How to Bake a Tasty Cashew Fruit Cake

Table of Contents At Eleanor’s Table The cashew fruit has a fibrous pulp with a tangy, acid, sweet flavor. The different tastes become more accentuated when you chew slowly. It’s one of those magical fruits. Cashew fruit has protein and minerals. One hundred grams of the fruit has one gram of protein. Cashew fruit has […]

How to Make a Delicious Plant-Base Burger

Table of Contents At Eleanor’s Table The Cashew Burger  Replacing processed foods and limiting consumption of meat can help prevent and even reverse diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease; diseases who often rear their heads later in life. Here at 50 and Rising, I love food and strive to incorporate plant-based options […]

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