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So happy when I found Cascais

Before I moved to Estoril I searched for the different things that I love. I wanted to make sure that I could have access to a few of my passions like art, art supplies and bread.

You cannot imagine how happy I was when I found out that Cascais has a sourdough bakery. I found them on Instagram and started to followed them immediately. Their lovely bread looked mouth-watering and I could hardly wait to get some.


Cria Artesanal Bakery

is just up the hill from the center of Cascais. An easy walk if you are not doing this under the mid day sun in the summer. As you go up the hill it’s on your left past a car mechanic or garage (I’m not quite sure which). It’s at the bottom of a building and you need to be attentive because there is a gorgeous overgrown tree that covers it partially.

IMG_9664 2.jpg

Cria bakery has a list of their daily breads written on their glass wall so you can choose easily. They are very careful with social distancing and follow the proper regulations (re virus) so you can stay outside of the bakery while the kind owner gets your order ready for you.

For the Flour Aficionados

They bake with the very special flour called Farinhas Paulinho da Horta and they will also sell this flour to their clients. That was another reason for me to do a little gratitude dance.

Their bread is delicious and I highly recommend it.

Order your bread ahead of time because they sell out very quickly and with good reason!


IMG_9663 2.jpg

Some links for you

The bakery does not seem to have an official site and does a lot of announcements about their daily fresh bread on social media.

Cria phone: 918 399 047

Address: Rua Jose Florindo, 523 Cascais



Check in with us again because in December I will interview the lovely owners of this bakery!

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