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Breakfast in Lisbon isn’t just a meal—it’s a luxurious indulgence, especially after breaking a sweat at the gym or running in the Parque Eduardo VII.

 Every bite is a triumphant victory dance on your taste buds, whether in a charming café or amidst the bustling energy of a vibrant restaurant scene.

Breakfast Adventures: A Culinary Journey 

And oh, the delights that await! Savor the tasty sourdough bread, scrambled eggs’ fluffiness, and delicious pastries’ sheer decadence. Wash it all down with a perfectly brewed espresso or a soothing cup of tea, and you’ve got yourself a morning symphony of flavors.

But here’s the real kicker: having someone else whip up this morning feast is nothing short of a divine escape from the daily grind. It’s a chance to relinquish control and be pampered by others. Breakfast in Lisbon isn’t just a meal—it’s a way to elevate your morning routine to new, luxurious heights.

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Breakfast waffle and fruit with cup of coffee and near tables and chairs
Breakfast at Shakar

Whether you sit inside and soak in the fun atmosphere or opt for outdoor seating with a picturesque view of Rua Viriato’s old and beautiful buildings, Shakar Cafe promises a memorable visit with its relaxing vibe. 

Rua Viriato, in the Saldanha area, is home to the delightful Shakar and has rapidly become Lisbon’s go-to spot for breakfast bliss. With various eateries serving tempting morning treats, I’m excited to go on a culinary adventure and share my experiences with you. But today, let’s focus on the magic of Shakar! 

Shakar’s friendly and attentive staff are dedicated to ensuring that each visitor feels welcomed and well-cared for. Whether you’re a regular or a first-time guest, their hospitality leaves a lasting impression, prompting many to return. I have been there several times and will return for more. It’s that good!

Whether craving a hearty brunch, a satisfying breakfast, or a quick snack, their menu offers a diverse selection. Last month, I had their delicious Keto eggs with avocado, falafel patty, poached egg, feta cheese, and maple mayo. I also drank a tasty organic matcha latte. It was a great meal!

This morning’s breakfast was pure bliss. I was treated to a fantastic cappuccino that transported me to a realm of happiness with its robust and smooth aroma. As I sipped my coffee, I also enjoyed watching the bustling street activities, eagerly anticipating the arrival of my breakfast. It was the perfect start to a delightful day.

Best Waffle Ever!

My Belgian-style waffles were pure decadence! They were golden and fluffy, with a colorful assortment of fresh berries. And then, there was a dollop of heavenly coffee cream, adding a rich and luxurious touch that elevated every bite. But the decadence didn’t stop there. A drizzle of irresistible berry coulis blankets the waffles, infusing them with a fruity sweetness. And just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, a tantalizing drizzle of salted caramel was added, creating a perfect balance of flavors that dance on your palate with each mouthful. 

Shakar has different types of granola, tasty pastries, and more. You will love this coffee shop.

Check out Shakar’s menu!

woman walking in front of Shakar Coffee


Shakar is in the Saldanha area.  Rua Viriato 1B, 1050-233 Lisbon.

Closest Metro: Picoas (yellow line)

Bom Dia Café

Logo of Bom Dia Coffee breakfast restaurant, and part of a woman's face
Breakfast at Bom Dia

Here, the staff welcomes the regulars, and people greet each other as they come in. Conversations flow, laughter is shared, and I feel comfortable in this friendly cafe. I am happy that I finally discovered this local restaurant.

Man working behind the counter with pastries
Pastries at Bom Dia Cafe

I indulged in a classic Portuguese bun slathered with butter and jam and a large cup of coffee with a splash of milk for breakfast. The bread was delicious!

My neighbor’s plate boasted beautiful, fluffy scrambled eggs paired with toast that looked utterly tempting. Meanwhile, a grand breakfast feast was underway at another table, prompting me to plan my return for protein-packed breakfasts and perhaps a leisurely brunch on another day!

This cozy local café isn’t just a morning hotspot; it’s also a popular lunch spot and a bakery. No wonder it’s buzzing all day. I’m returning. I loved the food and the atmosphere.

Bom Dia

Rua Viriato, 8 A

Magnolia Bistrot & Wine Bar

Breakfast, waffle, fruit, mascarpone cheese and caramel on a white plate on a table with a coffee and a flower
Memorable brunch at Magnolia

I’ve returned several times, and each breakfast has left a lasting impression! The food consistently delights with its delicious flavors, and the service is always top-notch, making me feel truly respected and well taken care of.

My breakfast was an absolute delight. I had a mouth-watering French toast crowned with luxurious Mascarpone cheese, a medley of fresh berries, and drizzled with decadent caramel.

Breakfast restaurant, Counter with food, mirror, plants, inside the Magnolia Bistrot in Lisbon.
Counter inside the Magnolia Bistrot, Lisbon

And let’s not forget the perfect cappuccino that accompanied it all, adding an extra touch of bliss to the experience. 

Breakfast in Lisbon with a View

As I savored every bite and sip, I couldn’t help but appreciate the glorious view that completed the scene. It was a cold December morning. I snagged a spot outdoors with a charming view of Praça das Flores.

Plaza across the Magnolia restaurant in Lisbon
Praça das Flores, Lisbon

Despite the winter chill, they had heaters that kept me cozy, allowing me to linger and even indulge in a second cappuccino. 

Avoid frustration!

It’s best to plan ahead for an early breakfast or brunch. This place tends to get busy, and even with a reservation, you might end up waiting if you arrive when it’s packed.

Vase with flower and view from Magnolia Bisttrot table
Breakfast at Magnolia in Lisbon

But hey, people linger here, and that’s part of the charm! So, if you’re aiming for lunch or dinner, consider going early to avoid the crowds.

Also, remember to check their schedule, as they’re closed only for breakfast or brunch on some days. Better safe than sorry!

You can make a reservation on Magnolia’s Instagram account or try to call them, but do not call during their busy hours- In other words, forget calling them for a reservation. You will be waiting on the phone for a long time :).

Magnolia Bistrot and Wine Bar

Praça das Flores 43, 1200-192 Lisboa, Portugal

These are my favorite breakfast places in Lisbon so far.  More to come soon!

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