My Sourdough Bread Adventures: A Wonderful new Passion

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BATCH at Cafe St. Honore

My new love for baking bread has provided me with fun sourdough adventures that have taken me to lovely cafes, bakeries and even a fabulous Real Bread Campaign event at the Cafe St. Honore called (BATCH) in Edinburgh.


The event at the Cafe St. Honore was loads of fun and we served three courses accompanied by great bread. The room was filled with bakers, chefs, aficionados and hobbyists like me.

Several bakers shared their stories about how they got started and the author of Bread Matters, Andrew Whitley spoke about the importance of using good, natural and clean products in our bread ( he is on the top left). Top right: Pam Brunton who spoke from a ladder and was so much fun, owns the Inver on Loch Fyne.  Bottom left: Neil Forbes from the lovely Cafe St. Honore.  Bottom right: Amena Nur who owns the Jeju’s Bakehouse.

Dinner at St Honoré

I have been to the Cafe St Honore on several occasions and that is one of my favorite places to eat in Edinburgh.  When you come over do go there you will love it.


I just have to share one of the images that was taken at the dinner and was published in by Chris Young ( on June 18th, 2019. It was such a lovely evening.

Sourdough Bread at the Twelve Triangles

12 Triangles

They have brownies, doughnuts and many other delicious pastries.

Have you ever eaten sourdough charcoal bread?  I just had it for the very first time during a late lunch at the Twelve Triangles Kitchen Table in Edinburgh. I went to their bakery shop on Brunswick to check out their goodies and brought some home.


Some Edinburgh Links for you

Cafe St. Honore

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