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Embracing the Joys of Healthy Eating While Exploring

Forget about strict diets; let’s dive into the world of healthy eating and foodie adventures!

We won’t dwell too heavily on strict diets, but we’ll discuss diets and nutrition lightly because we still want to eat fewer calories and eat a tasty meal.

Eating plans will guide your healthy eating, but make them flexible.

Eating Plans

  • Include satisfying snacks.

  • Don’t forget the comfort food for rainy days and sugar cravings.

  • Emergency meals so that you won’t be tempted to buy a bag of anything at the market!

  • Eating plans are a safety net; you don’t have to follow a strict one, but have an eating plan in place.

Travel and healthy eating? Is it possible?

One of my greatest pleasures when traveling is savoring exquisite meals because it helps me learn about local culture. Good excuse, right?

It’s all too easy to gain weight while on the road, but I’ve found a delightful excuse for my culinary explorations: research!

Yes, I like to try everything and indulge in snacks, all in the name of research, of course. After all, in the world of foodie adventures, every bite tells a story, and a diet is not the main character.

All this to say that it’s so important to remember to enjoy life.

healthyeating 50andrising

Photograph before you dive into your delicious meal.

Mastering Portion Sizes: Fun Tips and Tricks for Healthy Eating Control

  1. Capture the essence of your meal by taking photographs before and after indulging. Taking a few moments to photograph your food before digging in allows you to appreciate your meal from a new perspective.

  2. Were you about to dive into your plate out of sheer hunger? Shift your mood by viewing your meal as both nutrition and an artistic subject.

  3. Experiment with various angles and rearrange your plate a bit before settling down to eat. This simple act grants you the opportunity to truly savor the dish before you, and as weeks go by, you can gradually leave more food behind, practicing portion control.

  4. Don’t forget to photograph your empty plate or a plate with a few leftovers, celebrating your success in not finishing everything—photography provides a fun way to relate with food.

eating healthy diet 50andrising

Homemade green broth with chicken and fresh herbs.

The Power of Portion Control

Opt for medium-sized plates or bowls for healthy eating when striving to lose weight and shed those extra pounds- it’s an excellent way to have fewer calories and only eat what you see.

Eat fewer Calories. While some may prefer weighing their food, using smaller plates can be a clever way to deceive your eyes and control portion sizes effectively.

The theme here is all about the art of optical illusions.

Sketch and Describe Your Culinary Experiences

You don’t need to be an artist for this one! Sketch a quick meal representation and jot down a few sentences to describe your healthy eating.

This personal exercise is solely for your benefit and doesn’t require sharing with anyone. A simple sketch and a few descriptive sentences can be transformative, helping you shift your food perspective. It will slow down your eating and help you enjoy your food.

Soup: A Versatile and Comforting Delight

Soups: Your year-round flavor adventure. Get ready for a culinary journey that’s as thrilling as delicious!

Soups are the ultimate comfort food, whether battling winter’s chill or basking in the summer sun. These versatile bowls of goodness are a way to make smaller meals.

Flavors and Aromas

Picture this: hot or cold, loaded with veggies or bursting with fresh fruit, soups are your passport to flavor paradise. But here’s the twist – they’re not just starters.

With creativity, soups can steal the show, transforming into hearty, stew-like mains. Try recipes from different cultures and discover their native flavors and aromas. Travel through food at home.

Healthy eating over 50 women


Healthy eating for busy women

Here’s a clever tip: prepare a large pot of base soup, and you can enjoy a different dish throughout the week.

Add fish one day, chicken the following, chunky veggies, beans, healthy whole grains another day, and so on. This is an efficient way to play creatively with your recipes and healthy eating and to have fewer calories throughout the day.

Don’t forget Broths!

Remember the magic of broths, too; a light broth drink before dinner can be truly delightful.

Speaking of foodie adventures, I’m trying to perfect the art of making Vietnamese Pho.

While it may still need to reach the fantastic level I remember from the beloved Hy Vong restaurant in Little Havana, Miami (which has closed), the journey itself is flavorful.

Empowering Women’s Health: Perimenopause, Menopause, and the Magic of Soup

The journey through perimenopause, menopause, and beyond can be quite the rollercoaster, and during these transformative years, we all seek ways to uplift our spirits and well-being.

Enter the marvelous world of soup!

Soup offers a versatile canvas to address various needs, cravings, and healthy eating.

When sugar tempts your taste buds, whip up a refreshing cold melon or mango soup to satisfy your sweet tooth. Cook with fresh fruits or frozen ones.

On those chilly days when warmth and comfort beckon, consider indulging in a rich; try this hearty Thai coconut soup brimming with shrimp and vibrant veggies. Add a few grains to personalize it.

soup healthy eating

Healthy eating: Beetroot soup with a dollop of yoghurt

Foodies healthy delights

As for me, nothing beats the vibrant flavors and colors of beetroot soup with a dollop of yogurt, but perhaps you’d prefer to embark on a culinary adventure with carrot or sour cherry soup.

Whether sweet or savory, these unique concoctions nourish your body, work wonders in curbing cravings, and have health benefits. It’s a winning formula for maintaining a balanced diet!

Asian broths

diet asian broth 50andrising

Homemade Asian inspired broth

Delve into the world of Asian broths, where you’ll encounter tantalizing aromas and tastes that can transport you to far-off lands. These exotic flavors provide the perfect escape during those moments of menopausal pause.

Broths: Vitamin & mineral sources and a healthy diet

In the realm of women’s health, broth emerges as a comforting companion on this challenging journey of healthy eating (sticking to some random diet) and surviving menopausal discomfort.

Broths and soups are a great way to eat seasonal vegetables and local food with all the necessary vitamins and minerals and a great way to help your low-fat diet.


I had an exceptional nutritionist in Miami who understood my weight loss and healthy eating challenges and considered my menopausal issues. Our monthly hour-long sessions were enlightening.

She introduced me to meditation and relaxation techniques to combat cravings and assigned homework, such as reading specific books and articles. I maintained a food diary, which she closely reviewed during our meetings, which made me feel supported.

Sadly, she retired, and I’ve struggled with recent weight gain, insomnia, and more. I find it hard to care for myself now and miss her guidance.

I’ve consulted with three nutritionists in Portugal who analyzed my bloodwork and provided a personalized eating plan.

While they all had valuable dietary recommendations, they gave me food do’s and don’ts, suggesting a follow-up in a month.

I felt frustrated because none addressed the psychological aspects of weight loss, especially regarding menopausal hormonal changes. The experience left me feeling isolated.

Never give up!

So, dear reader, I hope that you are like me. Research your issues and visit several nutritionists and doctors until you find the right people to guide you.

Embrace the Thrill of Exercise!

Exercise isn’t just a good idea – it’s an electrifying necessity for everyone, especially those in the fabulous 50+ club.

The power of regular exercise extends far beyond the physical realm; it’s a cosmic force that transforms our bodies, sharpens our minds, and ignites our emotions.

Exercise is the rocket that can launch you past anxiety, blast away the clouds of depression, supercharge your brain, and send you into the sweetest slumber.

I’m all in on the exercise extravaganza. I meet with my personal trainer thrice a week and am Joe Wicks’ enthusiast. I’m constantly mixing things up, taking my muscles on a rollercoaster ride of fun with activities like swimming and jogging.

Commitment, you ask?

It’s the Grand Challenge, the final boss of all. It’s when life feels sluggish, depression knocks at the door, and sleep decides to play hide-and-seek; what do you do?

There are days I don’t want to do anything, so I force myself to do a few quick movements like jumping jacks. I ride my static bike or walk in place during my writing breaks. In just 10 minutes, I shift my mood from gloom to zoom. 🚀💪

Do you have any tips for staying healthy and avoiding weight gain after 50?

What do you do to ease your menopausal issues?

Please share them with me here!

Let’s support each other on this journey to wellness.

Main Picture: Raw fish with a citric sauce

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