Tips for Tasty Fish Burgers and Fish Eggs

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Fish Adventures

I ordered more fish patties from my fishmonger down the street. I can ask them to put in certain ingredients or let them be creative. I chose their creativity because they are always delicious and, no two patties are the same.

What goes with fish burgers?


I am trying out different veggies and sauces for my fish burgers. I made parsley, tomato, sea salt, pepper, and balsamic vinegar sauce for one dish. I let the mixture sit for a an hour so that the parsley to retain more taste, and it worked wonders.

This simple sauce is a great one for meat as well, and you can personalize it. You can add raw or cooked onions, garlic ,cucumber and whatever else you want.

fish burger

The fish burger is excellent with a light tomato salad as a side dish.

The next burger had more of a winter look and feel to it. The side dish was cauliflower rice, mushroom, and carrots. If I weren’t counting calories, I would have added some parmesan cheese and let it melt over it. Yum!

fish with cauliflower rice

I added a few teaspoons of mayo over the fish and, I love freshly squeezed lemon juice on my fish, so there was lots of that too.

Fish Eggs

Fish eggs

Have you eaten fresh fish eggs? They come inside the skin and look like a sausage. Not the prettiest thing, but super tasty! I didn’t see this in any US markets near me, but I have seen it in Portugal and Spain. When I lived in Brazil, I fried them.

The fishmonger taught me the Portuguese way. Salt the eggs and let them sit for a few minutes and put them in a pot with water, let it boil, and that is it. They were soft and so much better than the way I used to cook them. I ate them with celery and lots of parsley sauce.


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