What is your Favourite Summer Dish?

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I Love Potato Salad – Especially in the summer but I’m cutting on carbs so here is a different option.

How to Make a Faux Potato Salad

To some of us, over 50 means eating a lot more carefully and in smaller quantities. I am constantly looking for ways to make tasty dishes that look gorgeous and healthy. I love sauces, and it’s such a challenge to make a smooth, creamy-looking but delicate and light sauce. I don’t want my sauces to look like “diet sauces,” and I experiment with all sorts of ingredients to make tasty but low-calorie sauces- and they need to look appetizing!

Summer dishes are beautiful, fun, colorful, and light. I also believe that they should be quick to put together. When I think of summer dishes, I think about cherry tomatoes, parsley, fresh herbs in general, potato salads, gorgeous zucchinis, pasta salads, and any types of salads.


Summer Salad

Today’s inspiration was a photo of a beautiful potato salad that I saw in the New York Times cooking section. It looked perfect for a summer dish. The only problem is that I am cutting down on my carbs, and – well, this was a plate full of potatoes and mayo, and it’s not quite how I want to eat.


So I substituted a few ingredients but went for the look of this dish. My potato salad had two small potatoes, one large slightly steamed zucchini, cherry tomatoes and, raw carrots for a crunch. I watered down the mayonnaise with lots of lemon juice because I wanted the potato/mayo salad look. Thinly cut scallions and carefully picked garden parsley were sprinkled onto the salad, along with fresh cilantro. The faux potato salad looked similar to the NYT but had fewer potatoes and more veggies- and less mayo. It was delicious!

My summer dinner consisted of broiled white fish drizzled with organic Portuguese olive oil and the faux potato salad—a delicious and light summer dish that looked a lot fattier than it was.


The Leftover Dish: Zucchini Pasta and Faux Potato Salad Leftover

You can tell it’s getting warmer here in Portugal because I see beautiful zucchinis and many squash varieties at the markets. I am on a quest to find creative ways to make zucchini dishes, and today, I went with classic zucchini pasta, very simple to make. All I had to do was get the spiralizer out and twist the zucchini- out came a healthy and light pasta.

I threw the leftover faux potato salad over the zucchini pasta, added a pinch of cumin to change my faux potato salad’s taste and, added olive oil. This dish looked like a heavy pasta dish, but it was a delicious light summer dinner—a feast for the eyes and my tummy.

Whenever I use a leftover dish for an encore, I eat it the next day or no more than two days later. I like fresh food, and I don’t want to get bored with my meals. Eating the same foods over and over will tempt me to look for anything comforting and not too healthy.

Now I’m going back to my desk and search for more summer dishes. If you have a favorite summer dish, tag me on Instagram @50andrising.


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  1. Great suggestions! Though I have Russian genes so can’t reduce my mayo! Apparently we have mayo in our blood 😉

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