Adega Regional: My Dining Room in Elvas

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Adega Regional: My favorite go-to in Elvas.

I usually like to cook my own meals.  I love looking for the perfect ingredients for a recipe and I go out of my way to buy organic veggies and unique spices from a tiny shop somewhere out of my way.There are times that I don’t want to cook and I am tired from walking around or just feel very lazy.Do you ever feel like that and do you have a go-to restaurant?

Eating Solo at the Adega Regional

I feel comfortable eating alone at the Adega because the staff is quick to seat me at a nice table.NOTE: They don’t hide me near some bathroom or down a dark hall behind a column like some restaurants have done to me!I can go there for lunch or for dinner and I am always served professionally.I will have some great tips for eating solo at restaurants soon.

My GO-TO restaurant

I go to the Adega for lunches and dinners but I love just picking something up to eat at home and eating a cozy dinner for one!The staff at the Adega Regional is always friendly and quick to inform the best dish for that day and my meal is always tasty and prepared with love. When I come to pick it up it’s nicely packaged, warm and ready for me to dive into.The Adega Regional has a great wine selection and they also have the smaller wine bottles which is perfect for my take away or for when I go there on my own.

I Love Chilled beer

I buy beer at the Adega on hot summer nights (when I decide to splurge on calories).  Their beer is always very, very cold and ready to drink.  I feel that I need to explain why I do this: My refrigerator is small and quirky so whenever I want a cold beer I need to refrigerate it for a few hours or place it in the freezer for 20 minutes or so.  Real Estate inside my fridge is precious so I love going down to the Adega and just picking up a couple of chilled bottles. It’s such a luxury.

The owners of the Adega are dedicated to their restaurant, friendly, attentive and professional. They are concerned with quality and their clients’ well-being.  You will like the way they will take care of you. Before you go to the Adega Regional: Do make a reservation.  This restaurant is very popular with the Spanish who will drive from neighboring towns just to eat there.

How to choose a go-to restaurant:

1) Great food

2) Friendly and professional staff

3) Close to home

4) They will work with your special wants and needs

5) They will treat you well whether you are alone or accompanied

Marguerite Beaty

Adega Regional: 351 969 451 566

Rua Joao Casqueiro, 22 B  Elvas Portugal


When you go to the Adega: Stop by the Pastelaria Primaver for a bica (espresso)

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