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Ericeira is a picturesque former fishing village, a haven for surfers, a delight for food enthusiasts, and a fabulous place to chill for a few days. The village is located just forty kilometers north of Lisbon and perched on a hill. The small fishing village offers breathtaking coastal views from every vantage point. Ericeira serves as an excellent base to visit other coastal fishing villages and surfer’s paradise.


Ericeira winter Winter in Ericeira

How to get to Ericeira, the Fishing Village

I recommend grabbing the keys to a rental car for your Ericeira adventure! It opens up the door to explore the country and its charming villages and gorgeous beaches nearby. While hopping on a bus is an option to reach other villages, mastering the schedule is key to a car-less road trip success!

Lisbon Bus Station

Campo Grande Station

More bus info from Lisbon to Ericeira

Lisbon Car Rental

Car Rental in Lisbon

Hertz downtown Lisbon

Discover Cars

Lisbon Airport also has car rental agencies

Directions from Lisbon to Ericeira


Where to eat in Ericeira

This coastal town boasts a rich culinary heritage deeply rooted in Portuguese tradition, where fresh seafood takes center stage in every meal.

From succulent grilled sardines and amazingly exotic fresh fish to platters of freshly caught shellfish, Ericeira serves up an oceanic feast that will tantalize your taste buds and leave you craving more.

But it’s not just about the seafood here. Ericeira’s bustling streets are lined with quaint cafes, great shops, charming bistros, and stylish restaurants, each offering a unique culinary experience.

Tik Tak Restaurant

tiktak restaurant ericeiraEriceira: a foodie’s delight

The Tik Tak is a cozy bistro-style restaurant divided into smaller sections, creating a more intimate atmosphere. Make a reservation because tik tak is a very loved place! The restaurant is large but divided into smaller sections, creating an intimate atmosphere.

Duas Quintas wine ericeiraFoodie’s delight

For dinner, I indulged in a delectable lightly battered fried fish accompanied by a fresh, crisp salad. To my delight, the dish was accompanied by a side order of rice served inside a charming sardine-like tin, adding a delightful touch to the presentation. The juxtaposition of flavors and textures was simply divine. I chose the Duas Quintas red wine for dinner. Don’t you love to break the rules? Who said you have to drink white wine with fish?

dinner tiktak ericeiraLightly battered fried fish. Red arrow pointing at tin with rice. Don’t you love it?

A solo traveler’s dining note

I sat at a choice table. As a solo diner, I have been hidden behind columns or sat next to the bathrooms too often. It is such a treat to be treated like a real person, a real guest.

Thank you, Ericeira restaurants!


Canico. Ericeirajpg

The next day, my friend and I had lunch at Caniço, where we sat on the cozy closed-in terrace with a view of the plaza. I ordered a tender, grilled cod fish with small baked potatoes called batatas a murro.

cod fish batats murroGrilled cod fish with small baked potatoes

The potatoes were mashed or slightly flattened with a spoon so that when the waiter poured the amazingly beautiful virgin oil, it drizzled inside the potato and all over the cod. Not only a delicious plate but a gorgeous one too!

Casa Portuguesa

Fresh fish that melts in your mouth, delightful desserts that tantalize your taste buds, accompanied by lovely wines, all served with impeccable service! I couldn’t resist the allure of this amazing spot as I strolled by numerous times and one day, I decided to take a chance and walk in without a reservation. Luck was on my side as someone had canceled, granting me the privilege of snagging the best table in the house!

choco Casa Portuguesa EriceiraFoodie’s delight: Grilled cuttlefish adorned with fragrant herbs, crisp veggies, and petite potatoes.

For my meal, I chose a grilled cuttlefish adorned with fragrant herbs, crisp veggies, and petite potatoes. But the pièce de résistance? A generous drizzle of beautiful, thick, velvety virgin olive oil slowly cascading over my dish, enhancing every bite with its rich flavor. Oh! And- their artisan beer was a perfect companion for this meal.

artisan beer casa portuguesa EriceiraDelicious artisan beer at the Casa Portuguesa

When is the best time to visit Ericeira?

This gorgeous fishing village is fantastic all year round.

The high season is July and August when the heat is intense and so is the surfing.

Spring is an optimal time to visit, with mild temperatures perfect for long walks or hikes along the coast, swimming, or surfing on the beaches. While visitors increase, the town center remains comfortably uncrowded.


Fall and winter are my preferred seasons for Ericeira. The cooler weather, the ocean’s vibrant energy, and the captivating light make it ideal for walking, photography and urban sketching. I even saw a few people with wet suits getting ready to surf and a group of underwater fishermen/women!

Is Ericeira a good place for a solo traveler?

Ericeira is a solo traveler’s paradise! I bumped into fellow solo adventurers all over town, walking on the beautiful beaches and during my dining escapades. This laid-back coastal village exudes a welcoming community vibe, making you feel right at home.

church in Ericeira

Is Ericeira safe for a solo over 50 female-traveler?

The former fishing village is like a safety bubble – I strolled around solo in both daylight and evenings, and it always felt like my personal haven. But always be careful with your bags and other personal belongings.

Where to stay in Ericeira

Things to do in Ericeira

Surfing reigns supreme in the village of Ericeira – it’s not just a sport; it’s a way of life and a shared passion. But fear not; even if you’re not catching waves and don’t feel like learning how to surf, this former fishing village has so much more to offer!

It’s a perfect walking village with scenic coastal strolls, a photographer’s dream with countless captivating subjects, and a haven for foodies exploring diverse restaurants. Ericeira has a friendly community. Consider bike riding around the area or join a wine-tasting tour by bike for an extra dash of adventure!

Ericeira’s Coastal Pathway and Fernando Pessoa

Ericeira has a gorgeous coastal path. Stay on it, go down to the beaches, and come back up. Did you know that Ericeira features outdoor posters with Pessoa’s poems along the path? Discovering these prompted me to seek out his books when I was in Mafra. The posters are a fantastic way to incorporate cultural subliminal messages!

Fernando Pessoa on coast path

Visit Nearby Mafra

Mafra is located about 10 minutes from Ericeira by car. It was a pleasure to walk around downtown, and I fell in love with the Library located in the Mafra National Palace.

Mafra LibraryLibrary at Mafra National Palace

Sempre Quente cafe provided a wonderful refuge from the rain. It happened to be a location quite popular among the locals, allowing me to watch and experience their daily rituals. Don’t forget to savor the renowned Mafra bread, and treating yourself to a selection of pastries is a delightful addition!

Sempre Quente coffee shop MafraCoffee at Sempre Quente, Mafra

Day trips from Ericeira

Obidos is a picturesque medieval town cocooned within magnificent walls. Stroll atop these historic ramparts for breathtaking vistas that transport you to another time. Three hours in Obidos gives you enough time to immerse yourself in its charm, exploring quaint shops and delightful eateries. Why not seize the opportunity to make it a memorable lunch stop on your journey from Lisbon to Ericeira?

Nazaré is a bit further north of Ericeira, so wake up early and head straight to the fabulous fishing village of Nazaré for the day. Walk on the beach and around the town, and then go up the hill. During the summer and high tourist seasons, you can get the little tram up; otherwise, walk or drive to see the sunset and evening views.

Do you want to see the huge waves? Go in November.

A drive to Fatima and Nazaré. Fatima is north of Ericeira, and you can do Fatima and Nazaré in one day. Spend the morning in Fatima and then drive to Nazaré for lunch, a walk along beautiful beaches, the fishing village, and back to base camp: Ericeira.

Ribeira d27IlhasRibeira d’Ilhas Beach, Ericeira

Ericeira FAQ

  • Is it safe for a woman to travel alone?
  • Ericeira is a safe place for solo women travelers.
  • When is the best time to go to Ericeira?
  • The fishing village and surfers paradise is fantastic throughout the year, but the best times (and the best beach weather) are spring and fall. Ericeira is extremely hot during the summer months. I like the winter for walking and hiking because I love the beach during the winter months, but it’s a gorgeous area to hike during spring and fall, and guess what? There are no crowds!
  • Where should I eat in Ericeira?
  • Check out Foodie in Ericeira and ask your hotel if there are any new restaurants.
  • Is it safe to walk around the village and the beach?
  • I found Ericeira and the whole area safe for walking alone. I walked on the beach near my hotel and then walked on the coast, stopping on several beaches and at the gorgeous Ribeira d’Ilhas.
  • If you are a solo traveler and want to hike on the trails, I suggest that you join a group. It’s best to be with people should anything happen to you, like slipping or getting hurt during the hike.
  • Is it a good place for a family vacation?
  • Yes! And if you have kids, enroll them in a surfing school! Ericeira has the best beaches!
  • Is it safe for women over 50 to travel to Ericeira?
  • Very safe!
  • Do I need a car in Ericeira?
  • Ericeira is a small village, and you can walk everywhere. However, if you want to see Mafra and hike, you will need proper transportation. Fortunately, you can also use Uber to reach many nearby areas.
  • Is Ericeira a good place for a day trip from Lisbon?
  • Ericeira is the perfect place for a day trip (or a weekend escape) because it’s only about forty minutes north of Lisbon, but if you can stay a little more- What a fantastic village to spend a couple of nights in!
  • Are there a lot of tourists in Ericeira?
  • The high season is during the summer months, and the fishing village gets crowded.

For the over 50: Is Ericeira a good place to retire?

If you love surfing: Yes! There are no hospitals in Ericeira, but there are clinics in Mafra. Ericeira is near several towns where you can get specialized care.

Healthcare: The closest clinic is in Mafra (10 min by car)

Closest hospital: Torres Vedras, 44 km. Lisbon 48 km.

The quality of life is great; you can buy fresh food and fresh fish, and there are enough road trip ideas to keep you busy! It’s sunny most of the year. Summers are extremely hot. Spring and fall are fabulous, and winter is mild, with a few colder weeks here and there. Weather is changing so quickly- it’s difficult to give you a precise idea. There is yoga, biking, ceramics, great walking paths, and more in town. You don’t need a car in town but I think it’s best to have one to visit the surrounding areas. There are lots of nice restaurants.

The expat community seems to be mostly a younger crowd, digital nomads, and surfers, but I believe there are older people spending more time and living there.

I suggest that you visit it a few times to get the jest of the community because my trips have always been short!

Where to learn how to surf in Ericeira

Did you know that Ericeira is a world surfing reserve? What a great place to learn how to surf.

Hiking information 

Where to rent bikes in Ericeira

Best Restaurants in Ericeira

Ericeira Tourist Office

Explore Mafra

Palacio Nacional de Mafra

Hiking Trails Mafra

Things to know about Ericeira

The nearest airport is in Lisbon.

You can go by bus to Ericeira and you can rent a car. I suggest a car rental so that you can visit nearby villages.

The nearest hospitals are in: Torres Vedras, 44 km and Lisbon 48 km.

Mafra has a healthcare clinic.

Best nearby places to visit: Mafra ,Obidos,Caldas da Rainha, Peniche,Nazare, Alcobaça,

Ericeira has excellent restaurants.

Ericeira has surfing schools.

Ericeira has a beautiful coastal pathway.

Foodies: Ericeira has a yearly sea urchin festival around March

The World Tourism Organization voted Ericeira as part of the best toursim villages network.


Updated July 2024

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