Eating Well After 50; The Quirky Gourmet Years

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Why should women over 50 tweak their nutrition?

Let’s talk about why treating our bodies like queens post-50 is an absolute must! Our metabolism decides to take a leisurely stroll instead of the usual sprint as we age. There is no need to panic, though—just an excuse to embrace the wonder of eating well and taking care of yourselves in a different manner.

First up, veggies, fruits, and small amounts of low-fat meats (or other protein sources) will become your new BFFs. Why? Because they’re like the fairy godmothers of your digestive system, waving their wands to make everything smoother and less dense. Goodbye to heavy meals and highly processed foods; hello to light and lively veggies and a few sweets!

crab and tomato on a round toast and black plate

Crab salad on mini blinis: Fantastic!

A Little of This and A Little of That

Now, balance is key, like nailing that perfect yoga pose- oh dear! Such a challenge. A healthy diet that’s a harmonious symphony of low-dense nutrient foods, healthy carbs (lean proteins), and fats—keeps everything in check. But hold up, don’t turn it into a food jail! We’re not talking about restrictions that lead to midnight fridge raids. No one wants to be caught red-handed in a cookie jar heist. Let’s eat that delicious cookie once in a while!

A good meal happens when you finish it and feel like a rockstar, not a nap enthusiast. You know what I’m talking about, right? That energized, ready-to-conquer-the-world feeling! So, let’s savor the flavors of life, eat like the queens and kings we are, and age with a dash of humor and a plateful of vitality. Cheers to women over 50 eating healthy and feeling fantastic.

mushroom and broth in a white bowl

A delicious broth and fresh mushrooms.

Weight Management

Women over 50 accumulate a lot of wisdom, experience, and, let’s be real, maybe a few extra pounds. Now, why bother with your own body weight and exercise at this stage?

It isn’t just about fitting into that killer dress (although that’s a perk!). It’s your body’s way of saying, “Hey, let’s keep things in check.” Eat well and keep chronic disease, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and other health issues at bay.


Chestnut sourdough bread by Marguerite 🙂


Regular exercise and good nutrition are like the dynamic duo fighting off unwanted guests like osteoporosis, heart disease, and a sluggish metabolism for women over 50. Weight-bearing exercises will help you take care of your muscle mass, bone density, and general health, and a brisk walk or a slow jog will give you those feel-good endorphins that are like a spa day for your brain. Who doesn’t want a happy, healthy mind to match that fabulous exterior?

Let’s spill the tea on weight management and exercise because it’s not about chasing an ideal body fat either; it’s about rocking the best version of you.

Now, how do we turn these great ideas into reality? I hopped on the Noom to help me with my nutrition just before Christmas. Why? Because, let’s face it, New Year’s resolutions are so last season. I didn’t want my weight journey to be a part of the typical New Year diet drama! This is all about upgrading my eating habits, cranking up the physical activity, preventing unwanted pounds from crashing the party, and, of course, ensuring I age like the fine wine I am.

So, while the world is busy making resolutions, we’re over here making lifestyle upgrades—no drama, just a continuation of the past year with some new ideas here and there. Here’s to tweaking habits, embracing activity, and showing that healthy aging is fabulous.

Omelette with greens, white plate, fork and knife and cup of coffee

Omelette with real fresh eggs by Happy Chickens from the Quinta de Manique

Finding the Right Nutrition App

Alright, let’s dish a little about my flirtation with NOOM. I must confess I hit the cancel button after a few weeks. But guess what? Round two, ladies! I’m diving back in because, let’s face it, we all deserve a second chance.

a light fish pastry on a white dish and on top of a painted ceramic dish

Fish pastry from Peixaria Estoril-Mar, cauliflower rice +ratatouille

Why the repeat? Well, NOOM’s got this system that’s like a nutrition fairy godmother. And oh, the nutritional info – it’s like the red carpet of healthy eating. But wait, there’s more! The psychology they sprinkle on top of it all is like having a personal cheerleader for your journey to wellness.

But, you know, finding the right app is a bit like dating – sometimes it takes a couple of tries to find your perfect match. So, take your time finding a great app or a LIVE nutritionist for yourself! 😀

photo of author holding a cup of coffee smiling

Marguerite and her coffee.


I’ve enlisted the app to play detective and uncover the sneaky culprits behind my health concerns. It is also helping me with all things anti-inflammation. It’s like having Sherlock Holmes in my pocket but for food!

No, I am not affiliated! I’m just really enjoying it this time around.


Why this sunset? It’s relaxing! You don’t want to stress out while you are taking care of yourself. 🙂

Noom’s Challenges

The fun part and the difficult part? Recording everything. It’s my high-tech accountability partner. Before I dive into a snack, I have a moment of reflection. Is this a mindful munching opportunity, or am I just bored and craving comfort food? Cue the dramatic pause. I sometimes go for the chocolate. LOL.

For those mindless munching moments or when comfort food whispers sweet nothings, I’ve got my secret weapons: tea, coffee, and sparkling water. They’re like the superhero trio, swooping in to save the day. And when true hunger strikes, it’s all about reaching for something that hugs my taste buds and nourishes my body – because women over 50 have to have the good stuff!

cartoon of woman on scale and tears coming down

It’s about the journey. 🙂

Inspirations and Motivations

I have been searching for help in Podcasts, newspapers, and wherever I can find interesting articles and ideas.


Just One Thing

I’m absolutely smitten with the BBC podcast Just One Thing featuring the fabulous Michael Mosley. It’s all about the fine art of living well and aging. Michael dives deep into conversations with experts covering everything from weight loss to catching those Zs and staying active.

And guess what? These podcasts are like the perfect bite-sized wellness treats – around thirty minutes of pure joy. No guilt trips here! It’s all about soaking in great ideas to elevate your life and health game.

You can also find Just One Thing on the Apple podcast.

Nutrition Diva (Apple podcast for tiny, tiny bite size pieces of good information- roughly 10 minutes each one.

Two Women Chatting (Apple podcast)is a fun podcast that addresses lifestyle, health, and dating. They discuss midlife subjects like menopause, family topics, and more.

The Latte Lounge is all about midlife issues and solutions.

This one is not for everyone, but sometimes you just need to chill out while you get support! The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*CK.

The Tapping Solution is great for helping with stress. Tapping has been used successfully for people who suffer from PTSD, and it’s a great technique for those with anxiety. I have started to use it to help me sleep. I’ll let you know how it works in a few months!

Author eating well, sitting in a terrace with plants

Marguerite eating lunch in Estoril, Portugal.

Deliciously Ella: Cookbooks, Site, Blog, and App

Let’s talk Deliciously Ella – because who doesn’t adore her fantastic ideas and cookbooks? I had the pleasure of attending her book talk in Edinburgh a while back, and let me tell you, she’s just as amazing in person. Ella kicked off with a blog about her own health journey during her school days. Fast forward, and she’s become a culinary maestro, transforming her passion into a thriving business.

Now, what I love about Ella’s recipes is their simplicity. It’s not a calorie-counting frenzy or a weight-loss race – it’s all about embracing a healthy and delicious lifestyle. Just a little heads up: her portions are in your hands, so get ready to flex those attentive eating skills! These are not diet books; they are cooking books and great for those of you who don’t eat meat.

With Deliciously Ella, it’s not just about the meal; it’s about savoring every bite of the journey to wellness.

food in pans on stove, hands holding utensils, paella

During a Paella cooking class in Malaga.


The Telegraph started a great health and fitness section and offers a variety of great information. I just signed up and am loving it!

Keep Walking! The Ten Thousand-Step Theory

Did you know Yamasa Tokei Keiki Co. started the Ten Thousand Steps theory in Japan? The steps theory was part of a marketing campaign for a gadget that measured steps in the 60s.

As per Janet Lord when she was interviewed on Just One Thing, ten thousand steps are crucial to minimize inflammation. She conducted a test and found that people who did three thousand steps or less had inflammation, those who did five to seven thousand steps had half the amount of inflammation, and those who did ten thousand had no inflammation. Scientists from the University of Massachusetts proved that walking ten thousand steps is great for your health (as per INC Magazine), But they also state that if you do less, like 6000 steps, you will also get health benefits.

Why all these steps? Keep your body moving to lower the risk of mental health issues, obesity, and heart disease, and to stay fit! The more you walk, the better it is for you.


Walking is the best exercise! Sandra and Amy the hiking chihuahua.


Embracing journaling can be a game-changer for your well-being and achieving your goals. The act of putting pen to paper is a great way of empowering you and providing a sense of control over your life. Journaling is a powerful tool to navigate discomforts, release negative energy, and express thoughts you might hesitate to share with others.

If traditional writing isn’t your style, consider using an app like Day One. With this app, you can chat because it records your voice. The App saves the chat as a recording and in text. It’s a fantastic way to stay organized and gain insights into your journey. Give it a try, and you might find journaling to be a delightful companion on your path to self-discovery and success!

Share your inspirations, motivational ideas, and support with me in the comments below this post.

hand holding a phone and photographing

Cooking class at Pan Contigo in Badajoz, Spain.

The Health Benefits of Food Photography

My secret weapon against unwanted pounds: Food photography. It’s not just a hobby; it’s my ticket to a healthier me. The urge to devour a meal gets a serious timeout because I turn into a food paparazzi.

Before I dig in, I’m basically setting the table for a photoshoot. I ponder over the colors and analyze the lighting – it’s like the red carpet for my dinner plate. By the time I’ve positioned that plate for the perfect shot, my blood pressure has taken a chill pill, and voilà, I’m no longer seeing dinner as a cozy psychological crutch but as a nutrition powerhouse.

How to slow down your meal time

So, here’s to turning mealtime into a glamorous affair and giving whole foods and that comfort-eating vibe a stylish makeover. Because who said healthy living can’t be fabulous and a feast for the eyes? And to enjoying a slow meal after a wonderful photo session!

A Week with Marguerite

Fellow warriors in the war, stay healthy and avoid too many calories! Strap in for the thrilling saga of my week – a rollercoaster of protein-packed breakfasts, vegetable dietary fiber-laden lunches, and a perilous journey through the treacherous land of afternoon snacks.


Let’s kick it off with my morning routine, where I rise with the sun (okay, maybe more like the second snooze alarm). Three days a week, I throw myself into the hands of my superhero personal trainer, Eduardo Schultz, in Lisbon. We lift weights, we grunt, and we occasionally question our life choices. I wonder why I’m going to the gym, but mostly, we conquer.

sunrise yoga, sunrise, two figures in silhouette

Morning yoga on the beach.


Then there’s the daily pilgrimage – ten thousand steps, rain or shine. Stairs are my new best friends, except during my heroic quests for groceries. Climbing the stairs with bags full of veggies is the real workout, but I avoid it!

Enter the home stationary bike. We meet at least four times a week for thirty minutes of furious pedaling. It’s like a love-hate relationship – I love it afterward, hate it during.

On the days I’m not breaking a sweat, I’m breaking the monotony of sitting. Writing and researching require hourly stand-up-and-move sessions. I do a quick dance move or two – anything to get the blood flowing and the creative juices pumping for five minutes.


Image by Sandra Haan from Sintra Hikes


Now, let’s talk meals – the epic battles between protein, refined grains, and veggies and the skirmishes with the dark forces of chocolate, cheese, and popcorn.

Breakfast is a protein-packed affair – eggs, yogurt, or maybe a protein smoothie. The stuff dreams are made of, and by dreams, I mean dreams about bacon.

Lunch is the salad battlefield – veggies, a modest serving of protein, a sprinkle of fruit, and the occasional chocolate contraband. Because life is about balance, right?

Afternoons are my Achilles’ heel. The siren call of chocolate, cheese, and popcorn beckons, but I valiantly strive for fruit. Aim high, they say. I aim for fruit while dodging the tempting landmines of snacking delight- I don’t always win.


Dinner is my redemption arc – soup and veggies or a protein-packed extravaganza with fish or chicken. A wholesome conclusion to the daily saga.

Ah, the evening snack – my personal battleground. Sugar demons lurk, but I strive for fruit, yogurt, or the golden elixir of turmeric tea with honey and almond milk. A sweet ending to the day sans the guilt.

In this ongoing saga, I battle cravings, dodge snacks, and resist the allure of the sugary abyss. It’s a journey, a quest, a marathon, but fear not, for I shall emerge victorious. I may stumble, I may snack, but with a dash of humor and a sprinkle of determination, I’ll get there!

This article was spruced up, jazzed up, and given a makeover in January 2024!

Do you want to photograph food? Do flatlays!

Main Picture: Crab salad (fish from my favorite fishmonger: Peixaria Estoril-Mar (since closed)

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Updated May 2024

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