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Mornings at the Pastelaria

Early mornings at the Pastelaria Primavera: People gather in the morning and sit at the tables outside to drink coffee and smoke while many will go inside for their morning rituals.

My favorite morning ritual: The bread delivery is loud and cheery! The small truck blocks the narrow cobble stone street and the driver waves and smiles to the cars that will have to wait for his drop-off.  Cars wait patiently.  The driver waves wildly as he rushes back into his truck and drives to his next spot.

Ladies in uniform or wearing yellow vests walk over to the street sweeping the ground with large DIY brooms and chatting loudly and the street looks beautiful after they are finished. Cats appear from nowhere and I wonder if it’s because they can smell the fresh coffee being brewed at the Pastelaria Primavera.

Pastelaria Primavera, Elvas

Pastelaria Primavera, Elvas

Lively Chats, Friendly Badgering and Charm

At dusk and daily…

A group of older ladies gravitate towards the cafe at the same time every evening during the summer months. They sit at the same table and  they chat in low voices while they drink and enjoy themselves.  Some men will join them later on the evening and at 9:00 o’clock sharp this specific table is empty.

Everyone will have gone home to watch their favorite soap opera. The Cafe Primavera is the liveliest place during the summer months.  During the winter months people meet indoors.

My favorite Breakfast at the Pastelaria Primavera

Pastelaria Primavera, over50traveler, elvas

Pastelaria Primavera

Breakfast at the Pastelaria Primavera is simple, delicious and served with a smile.  I usually have breakfast at home because I have started to bake my own sourdough bread but when my niece was visiting  we decided to have a tasty and typical local breakfast at the cafe.

We had a strong coffee with milk and the delicious toasted Alentejo bread (buttered non the less).It was a great breakfast and it prepared us for our road trip to Marvão.

The Pastelaria Primavera is on the street João Casqueiro in Elvas, Portugal.

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