Cantinho do Avillez, Cascais

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Gorgeous Aroma, Beautiful Color and Incredible Taste

You have to go to the Cantinho do Avillez when you come to Cascais and experience their exquisite combinations of flavor, texture and aroma. The restaurant is decorated in a simple and elegant manner.

There are lovely ceramics throughout the place and each table has it’s own personalised hand sanitizer.

Beautiful ceramic pieces at the Cantinho do Avillez

Beautiful ceramic pieces at the Cantinho do Avillez


I felt warm, cozy and safe!

Since the pandemic I have changed my lunch time schedule when I go out. I arrive early, way before the lunch crowd arrive, and I leave when people start to arrive. I feel relaxed and it works out well for me.

The Decor


I loved the yellows, blues and earthy warm colors of the interior. There is lots of natural light that comes through the skylight which is quite a surprise because as you come in the restaurant it’s a little on the shady side and then when you cross over to the main dinning room it’s sunny and bright.

I sat at a booth. Poured lots of hand sanitzer on my hands. Got my phone out to read the code and get the menu. It’s so nice to not have to touch those gross menus.

The Food

I started off with an exquisite cod fish pastry. I added a bit of their garlic mayonnaise and was in food heaven.

My second dish was something very special. Scallops with sweet potatoes, zucchinni, onions and carrots in a very light curry sauce. I started to eat this slowly to savor each bite but ended up diving in. It was super!



I was thinking about a chocolate dessert and when I spoke to my server he suggested that I try a different dish. He suggested papaya with a lemon merengue. When I saw the twinkle in his eye while he described this lovely sweet course I had to order it. The papaya was soft and sweet while the lemon merengue was tangy and so fresh. A gorgeous combination.


I finished my lunch with a potent Portuguese coffee accompanied by a tiny sweet and buttery cookie.


Everyone at the restaurant was very conscious about safety. Great place for the solo foodie and for groups. An unforgettable experience.



The Cantinho do Avillez is also recommended by the Michelin Guide.

21 138 9666

R. da Palmeira 6A, 2750-133 Cascais

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