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Comporta, Portugal

Comporta is a beautiful area on the west coast of Portugal and about an hour away from Lisbon. The area has several small villages and a few top hotels. Some of it’s lovely beaches are Praia do Pego, Comporta and Carvalhal. The Comporta village has a few cafés, shops and restaurants.

Comporta attracts many people during summer months and it’s a fashionable and popular place to go during the month of August.

Traveling off-season

I love being near the ocean during colder months because that means that I can be out all day and not worry about getting sunburn nor too hot. The beaches are empty and there are less tourists. I to walk on the beach for hours have the luxury of only hearing the ocean and the birds. It’s selfish and it’s wonderful.

The downside of traveling off-season is that many of the good restaurants are closed. The upside is that the best hotels will be open and I can enjoy their wonderful cooking.

The Sublime Hotel

Sublime Hotel

I spent a few nights at the Sublime Hotel. I took my watercolors and sketch book and treated this solo trip as if it were my very private retreat. They have these gorgeous waterfront rooms and rooms that face the garden. My room faced the garden and I had a little terrace where I painted. I loved spending the evenings here.

My Private Garden

My Private Garden

The hotel is on a very private property so if want do your own thing there it will be perfect. And then if you want to be around people you can go into Comporta or another village.

The hotel has bicycles for their guests and I went on daily bike rides off the property. I was on dirt roads and saw some gorgeous views and more private properties. I never wanted to leave.

Hotel bikes

Hotel bikes

When I went into the village of Comporta I found a great little coffee shop called Eucalyptus and I think that I kept going there because of that lovely tree out front. They have sweet cakes, bread and juices too. It’s a great place for a snack and a break.

Eucalyptus, Comporta

I had sunny days and rainy days during my stay and while I was walking near the village the weather got worst and worst but I just kept on going towards the flooded rice fields. I love to photograph under foggy and rainy conditions. I love the mood. It’s not always that comfortable but I have a lot of fun.

Bird over flooded rice field

Bird over flooded rice field

Rainy seascape

Rainy seascape

tea time

My tea time at the Sublime was precious. It was such a pleasure to sit out side and look at the hotel’s garden.

They make their own infusions and I had a different one each day.

I reserved the yoga room for myself in the evenings because their weren’t any classes while I was there. When I came in the room they had a mat out ready for me, the temperature was perfect and they also had a towel and water available and I felt so happy and pampered. My yoga session was accompanied by a 10 minute meditation and when I finished I was so relaxed and ready for a shower, wine and dinner. In that order!

The food at the Sublime is very good. Some of their veggies and herbs are from their own garden and the chef prepares beautiful and tasty meals daily. I gained weight.

About Solo Travel and Resort Hotels

I want to start off by saying that I always felt very comfortable on my own at the Sublime. The staff treated me very well and I felt welcome. I loved my quiet walks, photographing, painting and doing yoga on my own.

I have found that when I stay at a better hotel or resort it’s a challenge if not almost impossible to meet people. There are more couples who want to enjoy a private vacation or closed groups that are traveling to party or for some reason. The people that I have seen are not interested in making friends, they are interested in enjoying their privacy and their own “thing”. With good reason!

I have spoken to many people about this and I have heard of older women who will stay at hostels when they travel because they like to be around people and they said that they end up doing things with other people. Most of the experiences seem to be very positive with the exception of a few who have had challenges in hostels.

I am not a hostel person… Not yet at least. I like my private room and bathroom. I don’t sleep well so I don’t want to hear a bunch of people partying. Having written that…I have heard that there are some more upscale hostels-like properties and I think I’ll start to look into it soon.

All this to say that if you are a solo traveler and are staying at a better hotel:

Take your own entertainment and make plans on your own. Keep yourself busy with fun activities and if you do meet people that will be great and if you don’t you will be very happy to be on your own. Doing things alone is a good thing.

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