Astonishing Odeceixe: Where Algarve meets the Alentejo

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Where is Odeceixe, Portugal?

Odeceixe is near the Costa Vicentina, between the Algarve and Alentejo, by the Rio Seixe, and north of Aljezur and very near the beautiful village of Porto Covo!

How to get to Odeceixe from Lisbon

Rent a car!  I highly recommend renting a car to visit all the charming towns and beaches.

Car Rental in Lisbon

Car Rental in Lisbon

Hertz downtown Lisbon

Discover Cars

Directions from Lisbon to Odeceixe

Downtown Odeceixe from the road, white buildings near each other


How many nights should you stay in Odeceixe?

Two nights will give you a taste of this rural and coastal area, but I suggest three.

When you travel off-season, you will get a taste of “old Portugal” and what it is like to live in a quiet village by the Fishermen’s trail, the Rota Vicentina and Costa Alentejana.  It’s gorgeous!

When is the best time to visit Odeceixe?

Summer is excellent for surfing, and it will be hot! Spring is fantastic for visiting, bike rides, hiking, and EXTREMELY cold swimming. Fall will be similar to spring; winter is my favorite retreat time! I take my drawing materials, camera, raincoat, and good walking shoes during the winter and enjoy the beach and rural Portugal under the sun or rain!

Is Odeceixe safe, and is it a good place for over 50 solo travelers?

Odeceixe is a very safe town, and the surrounding areas are fantastic for solo travelers.

hammock hanging on left side, view from room at Montes Baixo Hotel in Odeciexe
View from my room in Montes Baixo, Odeceixe

What to do in Odeceixe

Odeceixe is a delightful gem of a town, perfect for anyone looking to explore the enchanting Costa Vicentina. Nestled close to a host of charming villages and picturesque beaches, it offers the best of both worlds.

Stay in Odeceixe to experience Portugal’s authentic rural charm while remaining connected to the world and escaping the typical tourist paths.

Bike rental Algarve Bike.

Plan out your self-guided bike tour with:

MACS Adventure

Komoot cycling routes around Odeceixe

Guided bike tour


One Foot Abroad

  • Picnic and sunsets

End your day on a different beach!

Photography and sketching

Get ready to fall in love with documenting, painting, and drawing in this enchanting area. The light here is every artist’s dream, casting magical hues that make every scene come alive.

Whether snapping photos or sketching, you’ll find endless inspiration in the charming streets, stunning landscapes, and vibrant details. With so many captivating moments to capture, your creative spirit will soar!

Ceramic Studio

Are you a ceramic enthusiast? Studio Ensolarada offer workshops and it is in Vale da Telha approximately 30 minutes by car.

If you go to the studio during the summer months, go for a swim after your classes at the gorgeous Arrifana Beach and have dinner at O Paulo’s.

Celebrate winter with a potato festival!

Odeceixe and Aljezur are famous for their mouthwatering sweet potatoes! If you’re a potato lover and are in Portugal, mark your calendar for a fun-filled gastronomical extravaganza from November 29 to December 1, 2024. Don’t miss it!

Festival da batata-doce de Aljezur 2024.

Where to eat in and around Odeceixe

Restaurant Blue Sky in Odeceixe, Blue Sky

+351 961 977 547

I had the most delightful lunch at Blue Sky; it was a culinary experience to remember! The cod fish was cooked to perfection, flaking beautifully with every bite.

The sweet potatoes were simply out of this world, and the veggies were fresh and vibrant, bursting with flavor.

To top it all off, the service was fantastic, making the meal even more enjoyable. If you find yourself nearby, don’t miss the chance to treat yourself to a fabulous meal.

More options in Odeceixe: Chaparro and Ao Largo.

Restaurants near Odeceixe

Näperõn is a relatively new restaurant near Odeceixe in Casas do Moinho Turismo Aldeia.

Näperõn is on Instagram—phone +351 916 177 333.

**The restaurant does not have a site, but you can reserve a table on the site, the fork.

Azenha do Mar 

view or the coast and ocean from Azenha do Mar

Azenha do Mar Beach in Odemira is about 15 minutes from Odeceixe and has two fabulous restaurants!

partial view of outdoor part of restaurant, sunbrellas and a few seated people

A Azenha do Mar Restaurant

+351 282 947 297. Facebook

view of path to Cafe Palhinhas in Azenha do Mar

Café Palhinhas

+351 960 437 312

Recommended restaurants around Odeceixe
  • Restaurante III Geracao, Aljezur
  • ShaBouco, Aljezur
  • Sector B, Aljezur
  • Cervejaria mar, Aljezur
  • Hugo’s Bar, Aljezur
  • Moagem, Aljezur
  • Vale da Telha, Aljezur
  • O Sargo, Praia do Monte Clerigo
  • O Paulo, Praia Arrifana


Go to  Praia da Amoreira.

How to get to Amoreira beach: You need a car! It’s about 30 minutes from Odeceixe and 20 minutes from Aljezur.

Plants on the top, Sandy banks, white sand and the river

Amoreira Beach is a stunning destination with a fantastic spot where the river meets the ocean. Swimmers can relax on the riverside with its calm waters, while surfers enjoy the fantastic ocean waves. This beach is perfect for surfers with families, offering everyone the best of both worlds!

image of two women at the beach, close -up photo
Marguerite and the ceramicist, Ana Kesselring

Feeling hungry? There are two great dining options nearby: one at the end of the beach and another atop the cliffs. Paraiso do Mar, located on the beach, doesn’t have a website, but it is on  Facebook.

Do you feel like a short hike? You can explore the Trilha dos Pescadores or Fisherman’s Trail near Praia da Amoreira. Stroll on the trail and then return for a refreshing swim.

Beaches near Praia da Amoreira: Monte Clérigo, Praia do Vale dos Homens, and Praia da Arrifana.

More beaches

Praia de Odeceixe is a beach about 10 minutes by car from the town of Odeceixe. It is excellent for surfing.

  • Praia das Adegas
  • Praia do Amado
  • Praia Canal
  • Praia do Vale

Plan your beach-hopping adventure by mapping out your tour to ensure you finish the day at a fantastic spot for dinner with a fabulous sunset view.

Where to stay in Odeceixe

part of white house with a blue door. Tree branches on the right side. A round table and chairs in front
Pateo at the Montes de Baixo, Odeceixe

For this trip, I decided to stay at Montes de Baixo, a charming, off-the-beaten-path hotel perched on a hill just five minutes from downtown Odeceixe.

The hotel is part of Portugal’s Turismo Rural, or rural tourism. Rural tourism allows travelers to experience and learn about the rural lifestyle of a country.

Some properties, such as vineyards, focus on the agricultural aspect of rural life, while others prioritize living in harmony with nature and environmental sustainability.

Yellowish tall grass on left, green grass in front a nd a pond covered with green substance, round house in the background and small white buildinb
Pond in front of the glass living room at the Montes Baixo Hotel

Montes de Baixo boasts a charming pond right in front of the rooms and a breathtaking natural pool just a five-minute stroll down the hill.

natural pool, in the foreground, trees in the backgroundThe pool area has shady spots for lounging and offers stunning views, making it the perfect place to relax and soak in the beauty of the surroundings.

woman on right side and infront of a natural pool

The hotel offers a communal kitchen to prepare breakfast and other meals. Each room has a designated space for storing food, and you will have a designated fridge in the kitchen.

slanted roof, old wood closet on wall , shelves with cups and plates

We enjoyed lunch at various restaurants and whipped up our dinners at the hotel.

The nights were truly magical. With hardly any light pollution, the stars put on a spectacular show. The silence was blissful, making it a pure delight to be in such a tranquil spot.

Guess what? Your dog can stay here!

Recommended places to stay in the area:

Casas do Moinho
Sol Mar
Casa Dorita
Carlo’s Beach Hostel is a surfer’s hang-out
Monte do Cardal is a rural tourism spot with a gorgeous pool.


Painting of the Aljezur village on blue tiles at the entrance of the village, Aljezur, a famous city among tourists and surfers, just a 30-minute drive from Odeceixe, welcomes you with a picturesque river as you enter.

tall grass in the front, bridge in the background and white houses on the right sideIt’s best to park your car near the bus station before crossing the bridge.

Head to the castle first—its stunning views are worth the challenging uphill walk.

road leading to the castle walls in Aljezur, Portugal

After soaking in the sights, stroll down the narrow, charming streets.  

Be sure to check if the local museum is open. I missed out on it because I arrived too late in the day, but I’ve heard it’s a must-see. So, plan ahead and enjoy everything this delightful city has to offer!

Are you planning to self-cater or gather some treats for a picnic?

Head to the Intermarché supermarket in Aljezur. You’ll find a fantastic wine selection, excellent cheese, good bread, and plenty of fresh vegetables.

Thanks to the diverse community, they stock many products from France and other countries.
Intermarché address: Igreja Nova EN 120, 8670-161.

Odeceixe is a fabulous place to visit. There is so much to see and do. You will love this city and the coastal area.

Things to know about Odeceixe

  • Nearest airport is in Faro
  • Directions from Faro airport to Odeceixe:
  • Odeceixe is in Algarve on the edge of the Alentejo.
  • Odeceixe is part of Aljezur municipality.
  • You need a car!
  • Car rentals are at Faro airport: Hertz, Sixt, Avis
  • Directions from Lisbon to Odeceixe
  • Car rentals Lisbon: Hertz, Avis, Discover Cars
  • Best market for everyday things in Odeceixe: Mercearia Maria
  • Best large supermarket near Odeceixe: Inter Marché in Aljezur
  • Yoga studio in Odeceixe.
  • Ceramic workshop near Odeceixe.
  • Odeceixe has a street market every two weeks where you can buy fresh veggies and fruit from the area.
  • Beaches nearest Odeceixe: Odeceixe beach, Praia da Amoreira, Praia das Adegas, Praia da Amalia
  • Rota Vicentina (Fisherman’s Trail) from Odeceixe to Aljezur

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