Things that Make you feel Cozy

and the art of Hygge

Do you have something that makes you feel cozy and that you will take with you wherever you go? What do you have at home that when you wear makes you feel relaxed and cozy?

You may be a more visual person and therefore have something that you look at and immediately feel cozy.

I have traveled a lot in the past so I have a few special things that I like to bring with me. One of my special things are slippers.

Since I moved to Portugal I started to leave my shoes at the door when I get home. I put on my slippers and go inside. I have several slippers for different occasions. Yes, feeling cozy is that important to me!

When I went to the medieval city of Monsaraz, filled with gorgeous white washed houses… I bought these beautifully embroidered slippers from a small store close the huge stone arch entrance. The store has woven blankets made with the old fashion weaving machines, sweaters, and more goodies. These slippers are made of cloth (the sole as well) so I can squash them into my suitcase when I travel. They are just for floating around, not a walking slipper but oh so cozy.

Monsaraz slippers

My home slippers are fuzzy and warm and mostly worn during the colder months. They are made in the Alentejo area and you can find them anywhere. I saw some at a street market in Estremoz and the other day I saw these lovely ones in a tourist shop in Evora. The sole is about one inch thick so they are great for walking in the house.

cozy slippers Evora

I am also a very visual person and I love to have flowers in my house. I usually pick my flowers because there are so many variety of wild ones here in the Alentejo.

cozy flowers

I love to make natural looking flower arrangements. My flowers seem to stretch out forever, they look a little messy and almost like they were when I saw them on the hills.

When I look at them I feel cozy, at home and I remember the walk I did when I picked the flowers. It’s a beautiful feeling.