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Yoga for concentration

Constant multitasking, non-stop to-do lists, and a bombardment of stimulation makes concentration difficult for many adults. To make matters worse, we’re overwhelmed by cell phones, social media, and other on-demand technology that keeps us glued to screens and never giving anything our full attention.

Being “plugged in” and overstimulated makes concentration feel impossible, but there are ways to improve your focus and live a more mindful life, day by day and minute by minute.

First, start with limiting your mindless use of technology. If you catch yourself scrolling aimlessly on social media, turn your phone off and find something engaging to do, like reading, exercising, or having a conversation with a loved one.

 Fortunately, yoga is all about single-focus and bringing awareness to the present moment, so keeping our attention on our breath and intentional movement will help improve our concentration over time.

The yoga practice itself is a study in focus and becoming fully present in your mind and body. When we step into the present moment, we’re ultimately less scattered and less disturbed by distractions.

Drishti: The secret to improving your balance in yoga poses

Balance postures in yoga are great for focus because they require your full attention. Have you ever tried to balance on one foot while distracted? Your mind needs to concentrate in order for the body to get the message.

You can gain internal equilibrium by practicing what yogis call “drishti,” or gazing steadily at a specific point. Where your eyes go, attention flows. Find a still point at eye-level, and practice holding your gaze while you do yoga poses, rather than letting your eyes wander.


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Challenge yourself with balancing poses

 Training your sense of balance can be challenging, and like most things, if you don’t use it, you’ll lose it. By strengthening the muscles that keep you upright, like your legs and core, you can improve your overall stability—preventing falls and injuries.

If balancing feels hard at first, don’t be discouraged! Start with using a wall or furniture for support, then move away as you improve. If you’re having trouble focusing on work or projects, try out a few balancing yoga postures for a few minutes to regain your concentration.

How to use yoga for focus

If you’re feeling pulled in multiple directions, try to deal with one thing at a time, instead of fracturing your concentration with multi-tasking.

A consistent yoga practice will help you overcome stress and the “busy mentality” naturally, but you have to put in the effort on all fronts. On days when things feel especially challenging, try adding a few yoga poses or breathing exercises to your routine to reap the benefits of a more focused mind.

By Rachel Henry

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