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From Bio-Chemistry and Software to Plants and Photography.

Grace Hensley is the plant connoisseur, container designer, plant researcher, gardener, photographer, and owner of Fashion Plants in Bainbridge Island, Washington. A gorgeous island just off of Seattle.

I connected with Grace during an online course, and we have been following each other on Instagram ever since.


I notice that Grace was posting beautiful brown-tone images on her Instagram, and she is prompting people to photograph more browns. I asked her why she chose brown, and she said that it was an excuse for people to get off their cozy couches, go outdoors and photograph.

There is a lot to photograph during the fall and winter months. Grace encourages people to look and see things instead of passing by quickly. Look and photograph nature, weeds, mushrooms and not just pretty flowers. A photo course is on its way soon!

Mushroom, by Grace Hensley

Mushroom, by Grace Hensley

The Color Brown photo project:

Join Grace’s photo project on the color brown. Post your images on Instagram and use the hashtag: #seeingbrowns

Hakonechloa , by Grace Hensley

Hakonechloa , by Grace Hensley

Grace’s Three Photography Tips

1) Zoom with your feet: Get closer to your subject and Walk over to it. You will get a sharper image.

You can see better what you are photographing and frame properly instead of shooting from far and then cropping the image.

2) Delete Liberally! Take all the photos you need to get your best image, and ONLY keep that best image!

3) Snapseed App for editing

Grace teaches photography workshops and social media courses to gardeners. Check out her website for more information.

Grace’s photo teacher and influence was her mother. Her mum was a botanical photographer, and she in turn, learned photography from the fabulous botanical photographer Imogen Cunningham.

My Private Botanical Tip by Grace:

This is not dew! This plant creates these awesome bubbles mostly during the evening! The drops are called guttation. I have learned a lot about plants just by following her on Instagram.

Guttation, by Grace Hensley

Guttation, by Grace Hensley

Grace’s links are below.


Links for you

Do you want to see our Zoom chat? Grace and Marguerite’s Chat

Grace’s Instagram: Fashion Plants

Grace’s Website: Fashion Plants

Imogen Cunningham

Marguerite Beaty, Blogger, Photographer & Artist

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