Matosinhos: The Most Mysterious Beach in Porto

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Matosinhos is a beach in Porto.  It is a quick metro trip from the historical center. The beach town is known for it’s great fish restaurants and the wide fluffy sandy beach.I woke up early and lathered on lots of sunscreen, got my hat and headed off to the metro.  A few steps down the road I noticed that it was getting chilly so back to my rental to get a sweater and I thought that a chilly day would be great for walking on the beach anyways.

A Surreal Morning in Matosinhos

The metro to Matosinhos was easy to manage.I live far from the ocean and I missed it.  When I arrived at the beach I could not see anything except a dense fog.   

I walked towards the ocean and there were quite a few people playing soccer, sunbathing with no sun and kids making sand castles.

It was a normal day on the beach except people couldn’t really see each other inside that fog and…  No sun. There were times that I walked into a deeper fog and I lost my sense of direction.

Nothing was quite what it was….

While people were sitting under umbrellas, sunbathing and acting as if they were sitting under the sun, I walked around with my sweater on. I know… The dorky tourist.  But this was not my kind of beach weather.

I loved seeing only parts of buildings and people’s silhouettes.  A net sculpture looked more like an upside flying saucer and everything looked like something else.I had just walked into a murder mystery movie or as my sister put it: In the twilight zone.  So much fun.

So if you are traveling and it’s foggy or just cloudy, don’t give up on your beach day. You might get some great images and just enjoy a whole different way of experiencing the beach.I learned that this can happen often in Porto and then I understood why this did not stop anyone from having a beach day. 

A few hours later the sun came out and I saw how packed the beach really was!

How to enhance your foggy photos

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