How a Fabulous Woman Reinvented her Life at 76

Table of Contents Never too Old! Whenever I think that I may be too old to start or to learn something new I think of Anna Mary Robertson Moses (Grandma Moses) and many other women who reinvented themselves during their later years. I started to sketch line drawings or doodles to describe my travels a […]

Let Beulah Henry Inspire You

blue sky

Table of Contents Do you ever stop yourself from doing something because you felt it was not essential or that it would not go anywhere? I used to believe that if you wanted to be an inventor, you had to invent big and important things that would change the world. Not so! Beulah Henry’s story […]

Meet Susana Barcelos

Table of Contents How a rooster catches a fish: Meet Susana Barcelos My fish adventures began when Susana Barcelos (my favorite fishmonger) opened her store, Peixaria-Estoril-Mar, a block away from my house.  Susana introduced me to Portuguese fish and gave me lovely cooking tips. This interview is translated from Portuguese, and is edited for clarity. […]

Meet Eleanor

Table of Contents Eleanor Beaty is my sister. She lives in Brazil, surrounded by her children, grandchildren, and hilarious dogs, James and Moneypenny. Yes, she is a James Bond fan! Eleanor will be 50 and Rising’s monthly guest. She has been conducting personal plant protein recipe research for more than twenty years, and has made […]

How One Woman Reinvented herself at 72

Table of Contents Celebrating the Paper Flowers of Mary Delaney The International Paper Flower Day is on May 14th, and it honors Mary Delany’s birthday and her beautiful botanical collages (decoupage), which she made in the mid-1700s. Celebrating the Paper Photo by Tamanna Rumee on Unsplash Delany is a true inspiration. She reinvented herself at […]

Meet Fernanda and Julio from Cria

Table of Contents Where should you go on your Solo Portugal Trip? Porto Covo, Portugal! Are you ready for dramatic views, beautiful beaches, and a gorgeous walk along the Costa Vicentina? Porto Covo is a small fishing village with white-washed houses that sit nestled atop a hill overlooking the raging Atlantic Ocean on the Alentejo […]

Happy Women’s Day

Table of Contents Women’s Day, inspiring women, women, Happy Women’s Day! Lets Celebrate the Fabulous Women in our Lives Women’s Day: For today I want to acknowledge just a few of the women who inspire me.  Women who are (+were) strong, intelligent, delicate, independent and generous. Eleanor Roosevelt: She is such an inspiration. Rosa Parks: […]

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