Acupuncture for Pain Management

Some people are terrified of needles, others just don’t believe in acupuncture and others …. Well I don’t really know! 

I have done acupuncture since I was 12 years old.  I lived in Sao Paulo where you will find some of the best acupuncturists.  It’s wildly accepted there and it’s used in conjunction with western medicine.  I used acupuncture for pain management and many other issues.

Dizzy Spells, Neck Pain and Back Pain led me to a doctor who recommended that I do physical therapy. 

I went to a great doctor who helped me by teaching me more about my posture, breathing and guess what? Core strength!  It seems that I cannot get away from that and am happy to say that my Pilates classes in Badajoz have been helping me so much!


I wanted to find something else to alleviate the pain and discomfort and was so happy to have found Sofia who sees me at the Clinica Bem me Quer in Elvas.  After the first acupuncture session I felt better but most important I did not have the dizzy spells any longer.   

A  few weeks  later she gave me massages around the neck and the areas that were causing problems along with the acupuncture sessions.  This made a tremendous difference.  I am so much better!Acupuncture is a slow process and many people get turned off because of this. 

But… lets be honest…. Physical therapy is also a slow process!  When we get hurt we need to work on things slowly so that we can really fix things.I believe that when things begin to hurt here and there it’s a sign that I need to look at what I have been doing to get these pains.

The Computer, The Couch and What was I thinking?

When I went to see my doctor and complained about my neck and upper back pain he asked me this:”Do you sit on a couch that is, maybe, a little too small for you? And do you put your feet off the couch so that you won’t dirty it? Do your feet go off in different directions so that you can somehow fit on the couch? Is your head on a pillow and are you leaning forward and are you basically a pretzel on a couch?”

I started to laugh and laugh. How did he know that?

Good Posture

Now I’m working on a better position to watch my favorite mystery murder films.

The Clinica Bem Me Quer is in Elvas.

Make sure to make an appointment ahead of time!

Marguerite Beaty

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