Évora, Portugal, a guide for the over 50

Roman ruins in Elvas at dawn, cloudy skies, lit up

How to get to Évora from Lisbon

Take a train from Lisbon to Évora, ride a bus, or rent a car. The train is local and stops many times. Once you get to the Évora station, you must get a taxi to the center or your hotel.

Car Rental in Lisbon

Car Rental in Lisbon

Hertz downtown Lisbon

Discover Cars

Direction from Lisbon to Évora

How many nights should I stay in Évora?

It’s only 1 1/2 hours from Lisbon. If you are in Lisbon, you can go for a day, but I would spend at least two nights there.  

Building and tree framed by part of city walls in Evora, blue skies

When’s the best time to visit Évora?

Spring and fall are my top picks! The weather is just perfect for exploring this charming city.

Summer? Sure, if you can handle the heat. It’s sizzling! Remember to plan indoor activities between 11:00 am and 4:00 pm (or later if you are there in August).

Winter, on the other hand, can be pretty wet and foggy. I enjoy the mysterious vibe of cloudy days in Evora, but they might not be everyone’s cup of tea!man walkkiing under city walls in Evora, you can see laundry in the background

Is Évora a safe city for solo travel?

Yes, it’s a safe city, and I suggest you protect your belongings wherever you are. Don’t leave things in your car; be attentive in crowded places.

hotel convento do espinheiro in evora, green landscape in front
Convento do Espinheiro

Where to stay

There are several exciting places to stay!

I love the Convento do Espinheiro, about 10 minutes from the center. It’s a gorgeous property with a pool and spa. If you don’t have a car, getting a taxi to the center of Evora will be easy.

Pousada Convento Evora is within the city walls.

M’Ar De Ar Aqueduto is within the city walls

Evora Olive Hotel is within the city walls

Moura Suites is within the city walls

ECork Hotel

photos by Sebastiao Salgado street exhibit
Sebastião Salgado in Evora!

Things to know about Évora:

It was voted the European Capital of Culture for 2027.

The center is a Unesco World Heritage Site.

It is a walled city.

Evora is the capital of the Alentejo.

Things to do in Évora for the solo traveler 

Spend the day wandering around within the city walls. It’s a charming city with a great history, lovely places to eat, and cute stores. You will love to walk around!

Church in Evora, evening photo, dramatic skies, city lights

There are several essential places to see in the historic center:

The Roman Temple

Catedral da Se (the gorgeous cathedral) is near the Roman Temple. The view from the roof is worth climbing the stairs.

The Cadaval Palace

Évora Museum

The Chapel of Bones. The chapel is not for the squirmish because of all the real skulls!

Public Gardens

The Carriage Museum

Casas Pintadas  to see the frescos

Join a tour and learn about the city’s history and cultural importance

Strawberry tours

Walking tours and more at Visit Evora.

Ask your hotel or hostel to recommend a private or group guide.

vineyard, foreground has dried grass

Wine Tasting around the historical city

I suggest a wine-tasting tour so you don’t have to worry about getting lost or driving. If you have a designated driver, take your car and spend the day wine tasting and having lunch at one of the vineyards.

Tours and picnics with Windedering

Wine Tours

bike with red bag in front of Cartuxa restaurant in Evora,

Cartuxa.  Get all the information you need to visit their vineyard: Cartuxa

Mainova is roughly 30 minutes from Évora, and they have a restaurant within the city walls.

Herdade do Esporao is around 45 minutes from Évora.

Adventures to nearby cities for those over 50 

The Alentejo is known for its rolling hills, fabulous wine, olive oil, cheese, cattle farms, and cork trees. Évora is in the southern part towards the center. Spend at least one day driving around the area and learn what Portugal is all about!

Choose one or more of these small towns near Évora

photo of Marguerite in front of flowers
Marguerite in the Alentejo during the summer



    1. Estremoz is a typical Alentejo city (about 40 minutes from Évora) where you can enjoy one of my favorite restaurants Mercearia Gadanha. Visit a few vineyards in the morning and go for a late lunch at the Mercearia Gadanha, but remember to reserve a table!

Vineyards near Estremoz:

Herdade das Servas is only 15 minutes from Estremoz!

Quinta do Carmo

While in Estremoz, walk (or drive) up the hill to the castle and visit the convent.

2. Monsaraz is a tiny medieval city on top of a hill about 2 1/2 hours by car from Évora. Park your car and spend a few hours walking, visiting the museum, and having lunch. Enjoy the views of the countryside and the Alqueva Lake. You only need up to three hours here, but if you are a photographer or a sketcher, you will want to stay much longer.  

Ceramics from the Alentejo

Do you love local ceramics? Visit the ceramic stores in São Pedro do Corval (just 6 minutes from Monsaraz)

Vila do Redondo is about 45 minutes from Monsaraz and is not on the tourist route yet. 

Looking for pottery? Xico Tarefa is a Redondo ceramist who uses traditional methods to make his gorgeous pottery.

ceramic plate by Xico Tarefa, delicate drasing of plants and flowers
Xico Tarefa’s ceramic dish

He creates exquisite and delicate paintings on his ceramics, which remind me of the embroidery from northern Portugal. He also paints plants with animals, flowers, and daily routine scenes. I think you will love seeing his work.

Visit his store at Rua João Anastácio da Rosa, 4 Redondo  

3. Arraiolos

If you’re a fan of the famous Arraiolo tapestries and rugs, you’re in for a treat! Just a 30-minute drive from Évora, you can explore and purchase these beautiful works of art. Hopefully, the rug museum will be open during your visit.

If you’re really lucky, your trip might coincide with their annual event, where the town showcases its stunning tapestries and you can meet the Arraiolo artists. There will also be a foodie festival featuring delicious local cuisine. It’s the perfect opportunity to enjoy a leisurely day, savoring tasty snacks and a delightful lunch while soaking in the beauty of Arraiolos!

Megalithic stones near Evora

Are you into Megalithic Stones?

Cromeleque dos Almendres is just a 30-minute drive from Évora. You’ll need a car to get there, and it’s best to avoid visiting if it’s been raining due to some dirt roads on the way.

stand alone megalithic stone Evora
Stand-alone megalithic stone near the Cromeleque


This site is truly special—it’s the largest group of megalithic stones in the Iberian Peninsula. Standing about 5 feet tall, these stones offer a unique experience quite different from those in Scotland. Enjoy your adventure!

 Évora Restaurants for the over 50 traveler

Botequim da Mouraria

My favorite place! It’s a small restaurant with just a counter for about ten people. The Mouraria has a vintage feel. A couple runs it, and the service is friendly and personal. They will not rush you, but they will also not be rushed! Arrive early and enjoy this lovely restaurant and tasty food!

R. da Mouraria 16A, 7000-585 

Phone+351 266 746 775

Fialho is an award-winning family-owned restaurant. It has an old Portuguese feel, with crispy white tablecloths and photographs on the walls. You can get a real taste of what Alentejo food is about!

Tv. das Mascarenhas 16, 7000-557 

Phone+351 266 703 079

Cartuxa, you will love this restaurant! It’s near the Roman temple, the cathedral, and the museum, making it a perfect spot for petiscos and a fantastic glass of their red Cartuxa wine (or iced tea).

R. de Vasco da Gama nº15, 7001-901 

Phone: +351 266 748 348

small building housing the famous pastry shop in EvoraPortuguese pastries: You must try these pastries at the Pastelaria Conventual Pão de Rala.

Doçes conventuais are the well-known and traditional convent-made pastries you can find all over Portugal, including in Alcobaça, where they have one of the most famous doçes conventuais bakeries, the Pastelaria Alcoa.

pastries at the famous pastry shop in Evora

Go to the Pastelaria Pão de Rala for tea time!

R. de Cicioso 47, 7000-658 Évora, Portugal

Momentos is a fabulous place to eat fresh, organic veggies, amazing meats, and other tasty things.

Personal note: Unfortunately, I read some bad reviews due to their non-budget prices, so remember: Not every restaurant in Portugal is cheap, and this is not a budget restaurant!

Dine at Momentos and enjoy the excellent food and wine, and make a reservation because it can get busy!

R. Cinco de Outubro 61, 7000-854 Évora, Portugal

Phone+351 925 161 423


I have not been to Hibrido but it was highly recommended and I can hardly wait to try it on my next Evora visit!

Resources for Évora, Portugal

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Bon Voyage!

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