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Should I go or should I say?

Photo Paris has been on my mind for years! Now, here I am, living a few hours from Paris – post lockdown, vaccinated, anxious to go… So, why not?

I don’t know which appealed to me the most: The plane ride, the photo fair or the city of Paris.

My trip began as just a dream. I was too afraid to book anything because pandemic rules are constantly changing. I didn’t want to lose my plane tickets, event tickets, and hotel payments, and there was so much to prepare for, it all seemed daunting.


Paris Photo is always in the fall

Photo Paris and #30outstandingdays

In October, I started a personal challenge, #30outstandingdays.

The challenge is to add new events and habits in my daily life to go from boring to extraordinary. The idea was to do this for 30 days, but I have extended it; there is no expiration date.

The trip to Paris fit perfectly with my challenge, and so off I went (after lots of planning).

Paris Photo

I arrived in time to enjoy the last hour of the vernissage (a private viewing of the artwork before public exhibition). When I walked into the Grand Palais Éphémère, I heard loud voices, laughter, saw people with and without masks, beautiful dresses, ripped jeans, gorgeous hats, and I could feel the excitement in the air. I forgot about the pandemic for a few minutes- but I did leave my mask on.

I glided through the halls, stopped in front of the photos that stood out to me, and made a note to come back the next day to study them more closely, when I had more time.

I fell in love with photography all over again and felt honored to be inches away from creations by the masters, and happy to get to see my favorite artists, as well as up and coming photographers.

Some of my favorite photographers at the fair

The Camera Obscura Gallery combines the past and the present.


Sarah Moon’s photographs, Paris Photo

I had an almost private viewing of Sarah Moon’s photographs because the gallerist displayed every image he had for a visiting client. It was a delight to see the subtle colors, bits of blurs, and lots of emotion in Moon’s photographs of parrots, flowers, and fashion.

The Italian Paolo Ventura’s at Galerie XII

Ventura is a master photographer and storyteller who uses mixed media to depict surreal, funny, serious, and intriguing photographs.

I have a hard time describing his photographs because I believe that his work needs to be experienced, so I’ll guide you to where you can read more about it – and it’s beautifully written, too.

A gorgeous photograph by Paul Cupido drew me in, and I returned to the gallery to see it several times throughout the day. I had never seen any of Cupido’s work prior to this trip and I’ve become a big fan.

I was in awe of the beautiful portraits and Brazilian street scenes by the Brazilian photographer Claudio Edinger.

The Kahmann Gallery introduced me to Justine Tjallinks photographs, and I fell in love with all of them, especially her stills. They also exhibited Schilte & Portielje’s beautiful body of black and white photographs.   Spanish photographer Flore’s (at Clementine Ferroniere) beautiful platinum-palladiums and cyanotypes are to die for!

Old painting masters and contemporary visuals influenced the small, intimate, fun portraits in “My Corona Diary” by Sabine Pigalle.


Paris Photo

Taste is personal

I visited the Paris Photo exhibit for three days. I studied contemporary photographs and loved the “Pigment Change” by Almudena Romero. A few installations stood out, but I was most attracted to the classic photographs and images that made me feel nostalgic.

I reflected quite a lot about this when I returned, and I believe the pandemic and how I live today makes me want cozier and safer times. Whatever the reason – and it doesn’t really matter why – I fell in love with the black and white, sepia, and classic styles.

I look forward to going to more photography exhibits and festivals.

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