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The Marguerite Method: decluttering all facets of my life

Have you started your spring decluttering around the house? I’m feeling optimistic lately, so I put away most of my heavy winter clothes already. In doing so, I was horrified to see the amount of clothing I don’t want to wear anymore. I declutter a few times a year, but things seem to multiply out of nowhere. I have not gone shopping because I have been under numerous lockdowns, and I don’t see the need for beautiful new dresses right now. So, where did this all come from?

Photo by Sarah Brown on Unsplash

Photo by Sarah Brown on Unsplash

The Marie Kondo influence

There are so many different ways to declutter. When I was getting ready to sell my apartment in Miami, I used the Marie Kondo method to declutter and get rid of things that I did not need. It was painful to say goodbye to many things, but I feel much lighter and happier without them now. I still make choices influenced by the Kondo method, though I do a more simplified version.

The Marguerite Method (sorry, Marie!)

I create piles for things I know I don’t want, and a pile of things I’m not sure if I want to keep. It’s easy to donate or discard what I don’t want – it’s the “maybe” pile that gets to me. I place that pile in a visible spot at home, usually in the living room. I hate looking at it, and it bothers me so much, I have to deal with it.

 That is my simple method.

The Over 50 and Over 60 Must Do: Shredding acquaintanceships

Have you thought about decluttering friends? You know, the toxic, bullying, unfriendly people that you insist on seeing… Just because? I have thought about this a lot, especially during the lockdowns.

There are people who I want to have in my life, no matter what. They may trigger unwanted feelings in me, and sometimes I don’t want to talk to them, but they are exciting and fun, so I want to have some sort of contact with them. My sister and I have labeled them as “acquaintanceships.” They are not quite an acquaintance, but they are not friends either. Something in between. They are people that you want in your life.

The toxic friends? I am happy to say that I have less and less of those! It’s a two-way thing, though – I’m sure that I have become part of the “don’t need any more” friendship pile for some people too, and that’s ok. It’s spring, and it’s time to clean out the closet.

Over 60 and feeling lighter!

Marie Kondo and Folding by Marguerite

Marie Kondo site KonMari

Main Photo by Veronika Jorjobert on Unsplash

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