Learning to Love Procrastination

Really?  Do I really need to love it?  I think that after all these years of broken promises to myself and major procrastinations I decided to look at it in a very different way.  I am going to love it.  Now that I supposedly love it I can look at it in another way. 

It’s not my enemy anymore.  It’s just something that I want to change.  


Why do we Procrastinate?

There are so many reasons to procrastinate and some are simple whereas other are complex and others are just plain embarrassing!  One morning after my morning pages I sat down with my favourite venting notebook and wrote out a list of reasons why I procrastinate.

My list did not make me feel much better but I did see a pattern.

Sometimes it’s very hard to look at why we procrastinate but it’s important so that we can know how to help ourselves.

Procrastination: Learning to avoid it

While I was researching procrastination I found many more reasons to procrastinate but among all those things I found a course that enticed me.

I signed up for the online class called the 15 Minute Magic.  I  already had done an Instagram online class with Sara Tasker and love how she connects with people. 

We work on the course for only 15 minutes a day and so that makes it hard to give up and there is no need to procrastinate.  So I thought.  I have skipped a few days and then I caught up later on.  So this has been very helpful to me.

So how do we avoid procrastination?  Here are some of my ideas and I’m sure I’ll have many more after my course.

1) Create a working and play schedule.

2) Create a list of things that need to be done (not goal oriented) and this list needs to start with small and easy steps. It will (eventually) lead onto the more challenging things after I feel that I have set a schedule.  I would like for it to gradually and naturally lead to my major projects. 

Elvas, procrastination

3) Meditate or just take 5 minutes to listen to music and relax.  I think that it’s important to take off the pressure of a to do list.  Instead of a negative procrastination such as cleaning closets or cooking for the next week I like to stop and meditate for 5 – 10 minutes.

4) Read about SUPER inspirational people.   I prefer to learn about people who inspire me than to read motivational books.  When I read about someone’s successes and failures and more successes I feel it’s real and I enjoy it when I can relate to their stories.  I get tired of those “Go, Go Go!” books.

Reading about normal people’s failures and successes make me feel normal and I feel more motivated.

What motivates you? Is it a walk? Listening to motivational talks? Nature?

Marguerite Beaty

Do you want to learn how to control your procrastination? This is the course I took:

Me and Orla

3 Responses

  1. Have you heard the Scottish word? To “hurkle-durkle”To ‘hurkle-durkle’, in old Scottish dialect, is to lounge languorously in bed a little (lot) longer than you should.

  2. Hi Marguerite, I’m glad to find your blog after receiving your comment on mine. Good ideas to avoid procrastination. I also like to read about real people and their stories. I’ll be in Spain in March, visiting Madrid and the Andalusia area. I read that you’re in Portugal, close to Spain. If you’re interested in a meeting, please let me know.

    1. Hello! I am going to be doing some projects now in March …. So won’t be able to go to Spain. I hope you have a lovely trip and if I can help you in any way let me know!Marguerite

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