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And ways to Fix It!

Since moving to Portugal, I have not had a proper desk nor a comfy ergonometric chair. When I lived in Miami, I had a good office at home. There was a place for everything and lots of space. My chair was completely adjustable and comfortable. I loved my office.

For the past three years, I have worked at kitchen counters and window sills, on sofas – wherever I could put my computer to sit or stand and work. No more.

This is not an infomercial!

I bought a stand-alone portable mini table for my laptop after seeing it many times on Instagram and Facebook. I researched it online. I threatened to buy it a few times, and abandoned my cart before checkout. Do you do that when you are purchasing things? It seems to be my new post-pandemic behavior and has saved me many Euros.

 My back started to hurt big time. Lower back, in between the shoulders – the pain even ran down to my ankle. I knew that it was from sitting with bad posture and probably too much computer time. I stretched, did yoga poses, rolled over one of those Pilates rolls… I felt better, because there is nothing like a stretched body, but the pain didn’t go away for long.

 One morning I woke up with a pain in my hand and two fingers. I had a trigger finger.

My osteopath’s recommendations

I saw my osteopath, who gave me homework: a list of daily stretches, some of them already part of my daily routine.

He gave me an drawing for a DIY laptop computer table. I couldn’t go out and purchase the wood or a shelf substitute because we had just gone back into lockdown, and, well, that was my excuse.


A few months went by, and the pain in my arm, shoulders, and fingers worsened. I gave in, and I bought the desk.

How the Harmoni Desk improved my posture and productivity

The desk is adjustable – so it doesn’t matter how tall you are. I have it on my dining table, and now I can work standing up with the computer at eye level. It takes a while to get used to working standing up, but it feels much more energetic.

You can also work sitting down, with the same alignment that my osteopath wants me to practice. The laptop sits on a shelf that is about 10 inches from the table. That space allows me to place the keyboard under the shelf, and now I can put my arms on the table in a 90 degrees position, and have the laptop at eye level. My back is straight, and I’m taking the pressure off my shoulders.

I am in love with this desk. It’s very light and easy to put away whenever I want to reclaim my dining table, but also has a beautiful design so it’s not an eyesore to leave out.



I promise this isn’t an advertisement, I just really love this desk. The company must have appreciated my enthusiasm, because they sent me a code to share. (Disclosure: I get a small remuneration.) I’m not selling these tables. I just really like it, and it’s been tremendously helpful so I can work comfortably. If you suffer from pain or spasms caused by poor posture and long hours at the computer, I highly recommend you check out this desk.

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