Xico Tarefa

Cozy is important to me. I love things that help me feel cozy and I have discovered that a bit of nostalgia does just that. I like to be surrounded by things that make me feel warm and comfy.

Ceramics by Xico Tarefa

The beautiful ceramics made by Xico Tarefa in Redondo have a special place in my heart. His work is reminiscent of the older Portuguese ceramics in terms of colors and style. The contemporary ceramics are bright and bold. They are beautiful too but Tarefa’s work is more subdued and have warmer colors. His designs are delicate and many have the Alentejo countryside theme which is typical of this art form here.

Xico Tarefa’s Store

His store (and studio) is in the city of Redondo. The green door seems to be half opened all the time and it’s dark when you enter. His assistant is usually in the back so give them a shout-out and she will come to chat with you.

You must go upstairs to see all the pieces that are for sale. I loved the work that were evocative of the gorgeous northern Portuguese embroidery. I could not resist this teapot that has that style and brought it home.


Tarefa’s work has the typical Alentejano country scenes that you will find on many of the contemporary pieces. They are naive paintings in style but they are quite intricate and sophisticated.


Tarefa paints many different subjects on his ceramics. I brought two birds home and a plate with the lovely lace-like designs.

I did see some religious motifs and other things that looked like they were private commissions. They make for terrific gifts. These ceramics are heavy so they are a difficult thing to take on a plane but he does have smaller pieces that can easily be transported.