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Do you crave unique, artist-crafted jewelry and chic, fun fashion?

Let’s chat about Lisbon’s hidden shopping secrets, where talented artists, innovative designers, and charming shops await to surprise and delight you.

These gems are off the beaten path, offering unique finds that showcase the creativity and craftsmanship of Lisbon’s vibrant art and fashion scenes. 

Galeria Reverso

Galeria Reverso is in the lower half of a tiled building with narrow balconies

Galeria Reverso is where fashion meets art.

The gallery was founded by the talented jewelry artist Paula Crespo and is located in Lisbon’s charming Santos neighborhood, just a fifteen-minute walk from the famous Time Out Market.

orange glass bead necklace in the shape of a large chain on a white table and part of the wooden floor is visible at the top. one of Lisbon's shopping secrets
Glass bead necklace by Caroline Broadhead

Art to Wear

Reverso’s jewelry is wearable art, not the mass-produced pieces you find everywhere. Each item is an original artwork guaranteed to stand out and make a statement.

Wearing one of these artful creations is a fabulous way to express individuality and style. It’s more than just jewelry—an expression of who you are. 

bracelet and a necklace on the window display
Window display at Galeria Reverso

The art of jewelry

The gallery hosts several exhibits each year, showcasing the work of both Portuguese and international contemporary jewelry artists.

When you purchase a piece of jewelry at Galeria Reverso, you’re not just buying an accessory; you’re acquiring a unique work of art from an artist that exhibits their work in galleries and has an interesting portfolio and career. Think of it as a wearable canvas- no don’t. It’s a contemporary piece of jewellry made by an artist.

Each artist crafts their pieces with a distinct touch, and no two items are identical. This exclusivity is what makes by wearable art so unique. 

necklace and rings made of metal on a slab of stone

The jewelry artists at Galeria Reverso work with a wide range of materials, including acrylic, plastic, silver, gold, precious stones, iron, feathers, and other creative elements.

I’m always amazed by the creative ways artists use different materials.

A large neclace with a huge clasp as a main piece
Jewelry exhibit: Hooked up: Power Bonds by Veronika Fabian

Today, I was blown away by Veronika Fabian’s work—she reimagines and redesigns the hooks and clasps on jewelry in the most innovative ways. Her pieces look heavy and most of them are very light.

Hook exhibit
Jewelry by Veronika Fabian at Galeria Reverso

The gallery owner, Paula Crespo, got me hooked! I tried on a lovely necklace with a large hook, and it looked stunning- the large hook layed to one side while a few dark chains held it all together. It made my black t-shirt look like the most elegant thing on earth!


Shopping secrets

You’ll find everything at Reverso, from bold, statement pieces to subtle, minimalist designs. It’s an adventure in style!

Soul Mood, one of Lisbon’s best shopping secrets!

red table with jewelry up front, clothes hanging on lose hangers, large mirror and manequin near window
Soul Mood in Chiado, Lisbon -best shopping secrets!

Soul Mood is an extraordinarily curated boutique near the Convento do Carmo in Lisbon in Chiado.

black manequim with light necklaces, mirror, black and white dress
Soul Mood’s fantastic necklaces and dresses

Soul Mood offers a wide range of styles and caters to all ages—from 30 to over 50. From cutting-edge European designs to minimalist chic, this boutique has it all.

And the best part?

It’s all about ethical slow fashion, so you can look good and feel good about your choices- best shopping secret of all!

You can find beautiful  flowy dresses, tops, bottoms, stunning fitted dresses, and other clothes. I love to pair wide trousers with a tailored blazer or a flowy dress with their fun necklaces!

manequin with white ball necklace on red shirt and pale green blazer behind the red shirt. Shopping secrets
In the mood for summer!

The clothes in this boutique have lovely simple lines and are so chic. You will also love some of their unique designs from Berlin.

Soul Mood’s clothes are easy to mix and match and will compliment what you have in your closet.

Their tops will make your own classical skirts or trousers look contemporary and fabulous. To top things off, accessorize with their fantastic necklaces, brooches, or earrings! With these versatile pieces, you can create your own unique and creative looks.

Jewelry at Soul Mood

The creative contemporary jewelry pieces at Soul Mood are made by Portuguese artists who work with all sorts of materials. You will find minimalist necklaces and pieces to make any outfit stand out.

Their jewelry designs brilliantly incorporate everyday objects, turning them into fabulous pieces! I have a few of their jewelry made with buttons that look like anything but. Some of my necklaces are made of wood, and others are made of rubber and fabric. They make my clothes look so creative!

Lisbon’s jewelry biannual piece exhibited at Soul Mood

Ana Albuquerque's necklace on red table
Ana Albuquerque’s necklace at Soul Mood

Soul Mood showcased the fantastic jewelry designed by artist and sculptor Ana Albuquerque as part of Lisbon’s biannual jewelry show, Madrugada.

necklace made of metal and ceramic by Ana Albuquerque at Soul Mood
Ana Albuquerque’s necklace made with metal and ceramic at Soul Mood

I could not resist trying on Albuquerque’s necklace, wrapped in black and white fabric with thin gold wires going around the organic shape and giving it just the right amount of sparkle. What a beauty!

Don’t miss the opportunity to own a wearable art piece from Galeria Reverso, a distinctive contemporary jewelry piece, or gorgeous clothes from Soul Mood. Start planning your visit!

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Things to know about shopping in Lisbon

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VAT: taxes

VAT in Portugal: 23%

Portugal refunds between 13.75%- 14% when you leave EU via Portugal.

You can only get your tax refund in Portugal if you are leaving EU.

  • Purchases need to be over €50.00 for a single purchase. (Please confirm this value because numbers change all the time!)
  • When you shop in Corte Ingles you can get your VAT refund on your shopping day so take your passport and receipts to the refund office.
  • Get your receipt and let the store know you need proper receipts  to get your VAT refund at the airport.
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Information for VAT return at Lisbon airport.

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