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Konmari folding method

The Konmari folding method is simple and it really does keep everything organised. I didn’t realise that I already was doing a version of this. My folding got even better when I implemented her method carefully.

Packing for Travel

I have used the Konmari folding method for packing for a few years. I like to travel with packing cubes and when I combine it with this folding method things do not get wrinkled. The cubes help me keep my clothes organise during my trips. Many times I don’t even put anything away. No need.

It’s ok to add a personal touch

I have personalised a few things a little bit. When I fold my cotton classic button down shirts I always make sure that the collar is inside the fold so that it won’t wrinkle more. It will protect them more and I believe that the Konmari method keeps the collars on the outside.

The beauty of anything that you learn anywhere is to adapt it to your personal needs.

I inspected my clothes

During my review I noticed that I had a lot of cheap t-shirts. Some of them were already looking tired and some even had stains. I can’t believe that I had not noticed the stains. That was an embarrassing thought because that means I was out and about showing them off. Well, no more! They have been recycled.

During my strict isolation period I folded everything beautifully. I put away my summer clothes and went through my winter clothes. I am happy to see that I have the right amount of things now. I could probably give away 2 down jackets and maybe one or two other things but I’m not going to… Not yet. They don’t take up that much room and I do like them.

Can you help me?

I love to wear t-shirts in the summer and I have a huge problem because I have not been able to buy quality t-shirts. I hate going to certain stores and buying the cheap kind that don’t last long. It hurts me all over! Do any of you know where I can get a good t-shirt? If so, send me a note! Thanks in advance.


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