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Comfort vs Extraordinary

 The Comfort Zone keeps things safe, albeit boring. Getting out of the comfort zone places you in the area of extraordinary possibilities, where anything can happen.

How To Get out of Your Comfort Zone

 Try new things out slowly so that you will enjoy the process. Drastic changes can create a feeling of panic and send you running back to your familiar patterns.

The idea is not to give up and go back to your old routines. We like to feel comfy, so remember that, when you’re motivated to try new things. Don’t take on too much at once.

Eventually, you’ll like the feeling of trying new things, and your comfort zone will expand!

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I create routines when I see that I have difficulty focusing, or when I can’t seem to finish a project. There are many benefits to the consistency routines provide:

●      Routines are safe zones, and because of this make it easier to tackle your daily tasks.

●      Routine is an essential tool to help you organize certain aspects of your life, such as work.

●      Routines help you stay on track, because they remain the same.

We need consistency, but a life full of routines won’t give you much space for creativity and spontaneity. It is possible to create a balance between comfort, routines and the extraordinary, and you will find that a life with more improv and impulse is a lot more fun.

Creativity and Comfort Zone

Comfort doesn’t spark creativity. Learning new things, going to places you have never been, and eating different foods will spark creativity and add excitement to your life.

Taking a risk

Taking a risk does not mean that you have to put yourself in harm’s way; taking a risk means that you’ll do something differently — something you always wanted to do but were afraid to try. It can be a solo trip, learning how to make ceramic pots, or joining a cooking class.

The Benefits of Risk-Taking

●      Feeling of accomplishment

●      Empowerment

●      Relief upon accomplishment

●      Confidence

●      Sense of possibilities

●      Happiness

●      Motivated to try more things

●      Creates optimism

●      Self-respect

●      Personal growth

●      Helps you cope with stress — the more you try new things, the less stressful new situations will feel

●      Helps you minimize your fears and learn how to work with fear

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30 Outstanding Days

Let’s take a risk and get out of our comfort zone together!

30 Day Challenge:

Choose something you like and want to do, but that creates a little discomfort. It can be something completely new, or something that you want to give a second chance. Is there something you have always wanted to do but were secretly afraid of failing, so you ditched it?

●      Let’s commit to a project for 30 days.

●      Work on your new project weekly. By working on something weekly, you will have time to see how your discomfort sabotages you and how to keep moving forward.

●      Remember that you are not creating a new routine; you are testing out something new. So don’t do this new thing every day because it will just become a new pattern.

●      Keep a journal to document your feelings and your progress.

●      Note when and what triggers your discomfort and if you want to give it up.

●      Note what inspires you.

●      Post your progress, tips and ideas on Instagram and tag me @50andrising.

●      Use the hashtag #30outstandingdays

When to start?

Start now! Whenever you read this or set your day.


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