Why doodle? It’s great for your mind!

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What is a doodle? Doodling is the mindless act of putting marks on paper.

Why is doodling so good for you?  Doodling helps you relax, it helps you concentrate, listen see things around you. 

Doodling is a wonderful way to quiet your mind. While your hand is moving around the paper, your mind is focused on what is going on and you are oblivious to your surrounding. Five minutes of Doodling will relax you!

Meditating VS doodling

doodle of two stick figures and a dog
Doodling at the park

Some people can sit quietly for a long time and meditate and other can’t.

There are many ways to quiet your mind.  You can do meditative things that don’t rquire you to sit still.

Walking and swimming are meditative activities.

Doodling is an excellent meditative activity that also allows you to have fun with your creativity!

doodle of three stick figures walking and running, 1 stick figure holding a dog that is sniffing another dog, two trees.

Remember those stick figures you drew when you were little? They are loads of fun to doodle with.

Use stick figures to tell your story, to describe someone or just for fun. Make them tall, make them small, make them run!

Color the stick figures and they will start to look like figures!

Doodle a few minutes a day and you will see how you will feel a lot more relaxed and who knows! this can be a new hobby!

About Doodling

There are no rules.

Doodling is great because there is no pressure attached to it.

It’s about drawing without thinking.

Draw shapes, lines, x’s, circles. Doodling is a mindless act.

Draw stick figures, funny people, strange trees and don’t worry about what it looks like. Just keep putting marks on the paper.







Doodling stick figures

If you do get into stick-figure drawing it could be a way to express a story.

I have started to draw little stick figures and to color them.

Coloring stick figures just keeps my mind focused for a few more minutes and I love playing with color pencils.

Doodle to remember

Many people use doodles to remember things.

I have seen people in conferences writing notes and adding a small doodle next to them. Some people only add doodles.

I met an artist that is hired to go to business conferences to doodle while someone is speaking.

Her doodle appear on a large screen up front and they keep people focused on the subject at hand.

Doodling and Creativity


Doodling is a creative way of expression.

Doodle every day for a week and see where your lines evolve into all sorts of shapes.

You may find yourself getting interested in drawing!

Or it can just be a way of venting.

Keep a doodle note book with you at all times. I used to carry a 4 x 6 inch notebook for that and now I carry around a larger one because some doodles have evolved into drawings!

10 things to know about doodling

  • Doodling is about imperfection.
  • Doodling can be done with a pen, pencil, brush, or crayon.
  • Doodling is about having fun.
  • Doodling is about experimentation.
  • Doodling helps you unwind.
  • Doodling helps you see what is around you.
  • Doodling can help you listen better.
  • You can doodle anywhere. Carry a small notebook and a pen with you at all times, and doodle when you feel irritated or bored, such as when you are tired of waiting for your doctor to see you or on public transportation.
  • Doodles can be shapes, figures, mindless repetitive lines, or anything in front of you.
  • There are no rules to doodling.


Updated on July 2024

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