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Where should you go on your Solo Portugal Trip?

Porto Covo, Portugal!

Are you ready for dramatic views, beautiful beaches, and a gorgeous walk along the Costa Vicentina? Porto Covo is a small fishing village with white-washed houses that sit nestled atop a hill overlooking the raging Atlantic Ocean on the Alentejo western coast.

If you go off-season, you will get a taste of “old Portugal” and what it is like to live in a quiet village by the sea. It’s gorgeous!

Doodling is a wonderful way to quiet your mind. While your hand is moving around the paper, your mind is focused on what is going on and you are oblivious to your surrounding. Five minutes of Doodling will relax you!

Meditating VS Doodling


I love to meditate. It makes me feel calm and grounded. There are days that I cannot sit and meditate though. I have been told to just sit quietly even though I cannot and don’t feel like meditating and that it will come. Frankly, I don’t like that. It irritates me.


I started to doodle on of of those extremely irritating days. I drew some stick figures. I scratched out one that didn’t work out and that felt really good. Holding my pencil down with strength and drawing lines over a tree stick-figure image that didn’t look good was such a pleasure. I continued to draw and to focus more on my lines. After about five minutes I was relaxed and calm.

I finally found something that helped me during those days that I could not focus. I tried it again the next day to see if that was just a fluke and it worked out. I was relaxed after a few minutes.

About Doodling

There are no rules.

Doodling is great because there is no pressure attached to it. It’s not about drawing with perspectives and proportions. It’s about drawing without thinking. Making lines that could be a figure a flower or just a bunch of geometrical shapes. Just draw vertical and horizontal lines if you wish. The idea is to keep that pencil moving.








If you do get into stick-figure drawing it could be a way to express a story. I have started to draw little stick figures and to color them. The coloring just keeps my mind focused for a few more minutes.

Doodling and Remembering

Many people use doodles to remember things. I have seen people in conferences writing notes and adding a small doodle. Some people only add doodles.

I met an artist that is hired to go to business conferences to doodle while someone is speaking. Her drawings appear on a large screen up front. The images are there to help people stay focused on the subject and to help them remember the different topics.

Doodling and Creativity


Doodling is a creative way of expression. Doodle every day for a week and see where your lines go. You may find yourself getting interested in drawing! Or it can just be a way of venting. Keep a doodle note book with you at all times. I used to carry a 4 x 6 inch notebook for that and now I carry around a larger one because some doodles have evolved into drawing.



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