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Eleanor Beaty is my sister.

She lives in Brazil, surrounded by her children, grandchildren, and hilarious dogs, James and Moneypenny. Yes, she is a James Bond fan!

Eleanor will be 50 and Rising’s monthly guest. She has been conducting personal plant protein recipe research for more than twenty years, and has made some fascinating discoveries that we’re excited to share here at 50 and Rising. It all started when one of her children was diagnosed with health issues at the tender age of six. His day-to-day life was very challenging.

Eleanor spoke to many doctors and teachers, read books, and searched tirelessly for a solution to help him. After a few years of trying to make sense of it all, she met a teacher who advised her how to change her child’s diet, and to schedule certain foods to help his efficiency throughout the day.

The New Schedule

One of the suggestions that helped is eating protein-rich foods in the morning and for lunch because it provides the most energy to start your day. Carbs are reserved for evening meals, to help the body feel calm and relaxed. That little bit of information changed everything, and Eleanor also adopted this strategy for her own eating habits.

Vegetarians and Protein

Eleanor is a vegetarian, and consuming enough protein in her diet has been a challenge. I’m pleased to welcome Eleanor and her wealth of knowledge to 50 and Rising, as we follow along in her quest for tasty plant-based high-protein recipes and other goodies.

My body seemed to metabolise differently after my 50’s. Things changed drastically so, I’m constantly looking for food that will make me feel healthier and more energetic. I think that you will enjoy our journey.

Join me for a monthly chat At Eleanor’s Table and enjoy her tips and recipes.


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