Happy Women’s Day

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Happy Women’s Day!

Lets Celebrate the Fabulous Women in our Lives

Women’s Day: For today I want to acknowledge just a few of the women who inspire me.  Women who are (+were) strong, intelligent, delicate, independent and generous.

Eleanor Roosevelt: She is such an inspiration.

Rosa Parks: For not standing up.

Eleanor Beaty, my sister for being such a fabulous anchor for her family and always ready to help everyone.

Margo Reeves for her generosity and fabulous sense of humour.

Michel Obama for her strength, elegance, grace and compassion.

There have been many more women who have inspired me at different times and I am so thankful.

A Happy Women’s Day to You and Me

I used to think it was strange to have a day to think about important people or things. It would be great if we acknowledged things without having to have a special day for that.

That was then… And now I really enjoy the special days to remember special people and occasions.

Like many, I get busy and forget to smell the roses.

This morning I went downstairs to make my strong cup of coffee and thought about how so many women have changed the world for me so that I can have the lifestyle that I have.

Simple things like living alone, traveling and going out to dinner on my own are things that could not have been done many years ago.

Which women have inspired you?

Have you been inspired by women in your family or women you have met at work or through your history books?

Marguerite Beaty

Some Links for you:

I found the WI organisation so interesting.  They started during WWI to help women in the rural areas and they are now a huge voluntary group.

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