Ageing and Health

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I  just had a bit of a wake up call.

I have had many but this one got me thinking.

I visited a family member who was at a temporary assisted living facility. He had to go there after a health issue and could not go home after his hospital visit because he lived alone.

What a frustrating and sad thing to happen to such an independent person. My selfishness made me think about me and my life…

Rambling Thoughts

ageing and health

ageing and health

I thought about my lifestyle and how I live alone and if something serious happens to me … Well I would be in the same sort of situation. Stuck in some assisted living place and hoping that the people who work there are compassionate.  Being over 60 is fabulous but ageing is a little scary.

I have met many men and women who live alone and some are more isolated than others but either way they have chosen to live alone.   Many of us have not researched where we could go if we needed care.

Who wants to think about ageing and health when we can still walk, jog, eat out and enjoy our casual glass of wine or cocktail.

First Step: An Urgent Change to my Daily Life

I decided to take a good look at my life and to change a few important things.  You guessed it:  Food and exercise.

I always do some sort of exercise and my diet is not too bad but I wasn’t paying too much attention to anything.

I have started to add different types of foods to my meals and exercise is now an interesting and regular event.


Eggs are my favorite breakfast food but there are so many different opinions about eggs and I didn’t want to give them up completely.  Enter egg white omelettes and scrambled eggs with all sorts of veggies.  There are days that I will add mushrooms, tomatoes, spinach and spices while other days I will add all sorts of leftovers and pray that they will be tasty.  They usually are!

ageing and health

ageing and health

I love veggies and have searched for different types of vegetables to make my meals more colorful and tasty.  I make veggie soups and add a little greek yogurt to make the soup more festive.  I’m not telling you the truth because I add a dollop of yogurt because it looks like cream.

I have beef broth at least three times a week because I read that it’s very good for you. That slow-cooked broth goes in a soups or in a sauces.

There are many other new things that eat now.


I bought a stationary bike that I placed inside my room ( I live in a small no… tiny house) so when I want to watch a movie or a series I ride the bike and watch the film.  No more guilt in binging!  If it rains I can watch movies while I ride.

I love to walk and I jog very slowly. (Bad knees)

ageing and health

ageing and health

I downloaded two exercise podcasts to my iPhone:

NHS Strength and Flex

NHS Couch to 5K

These are wonderful podcasts and they start you off very slowly and gently so that I did not want to give up and loved going to the next steps.


I am going to a yoga class once a week when I do not travel but have started to do it on my own as well.  The Stretches have helped me so much.


I wasn’t going to write about beauty but I have been taking better care of my skin lately.  Next week I’ll be doing a laser treatment and am a bit nervous about it.  I have done several laser treatments and have had wonderful results so there is no need for my anxiety.  I think it’s because it hurts.

When I went to the US I visited a special beauty counter – one that I have had my eye one for a long time. I  invested in their facial creams and I do see and feel the difference.

What are some of your thoughts about ageing, health and lifestyle?

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