The 15 Minute Cure

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The 15 Minute Cure

Feeling blocked?

There are days that we feel mentally or creatively stuck. Painters, photographers, writers, musicians all go through it at some point.

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Have you ever got out of bed, had a great cup of coffee, and felt ready to do anything only to by struck by demotivation a few minutes later? I have a little trick that I want to share, that I have used for many years.

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The challenge

Get your mobile, put on your sneakers and go outside. Take a photograph every 15 minutes.

You cannot move one inch when the 15 minute timer goes off! You can photograph anything in front, behind, or on either side of you, and at any height or angle.

●      Take at least 10 different photos, with different points of view of that specific spot.

●      No Selfies and no portraits!

●      You can take photos of your hands or your feet to describe the location.

●      No sky photos!

●      The photos have to show the location or something interesting in that location.

●      Extreme close-ups are welcome!

Keep calm and look for possibilities

Photo by Marguerite Beaty

Photo by Marguerite Beaty

Though this challenge is a lot of fun, it can be frustrating when you stop in a seemingly boring area and can’t find anything to photograph. That means you need to look closer to find your subject.

Photo by Marguerite Beaty

Photo by Marguerite Beaty

The first few photos might be insignificant. Once you get those obvious images out of your system, your creativity will kick in and help you!

You will start to look for possibilities.  Try different angles. And before you know it, you’ll be totally engrossed in this project. The challenge becomes interesting, and you’ll feel curious and motivated again.

Photo by Marguerite Beaty

Photo by Marguerite Beaty

Do this exercise a few times a month.  Creativity needs a spark, and it needs motivation. This exercise takes you out of your routine and helps you look at things differently. It enables you to solve problems.  Repeat the walk a few times a week if you are having a bad case of creative block.

Stay posted for more fun ways to feel inspired!


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